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Comment Re:Female programmers (Score 2) 608

I volunteer with my local engineering association, and gender diversity is something we've been working towards. It's a tough slog, and there's a laundry list of items as long as your arm as to why there aren't more women in engineering. There's no easy answer.

Do you know what the most equal of the engineering disciplines is?

It's Civil, where women make up a lofty 17% (seventeen percent).

Comment Re: How? (Score 5, Funny) 401

I kept wondering why in the 'verse they'd ever bother with ships again. They can beam across space to other planets without that pesky years-in-hard-vacuum bit in the middle.

Transwarp makes negotiations easier, too:

"Captain Awesome, the Klingon ambassador demands--"

*teleporter sounds*

"I beamed him into the sun. What's his successor want?"

Comment Re:Don't fly period. (Score 4, Interesting) 1233

You're so cute.

I get the feeling these so-called random searches are from an NSA-built profile. Someone with a similar name or nearby location made some references online, and this guy's getting gloveloved because some computer flagged him as a "possible".

I got flagged once as a "possible" back when I was in school. Some guy robbed a bank and escaped by bike. I happened to be wearing a blue vest, same ass the suspect.

Comment Re:Free speech (Score 2) 432

He doesn't need to, as the loser will pay the winner's court costs up here.

They have nothing to stand on legally, and the fact that their lawyers let this go through is astonishing.

Libel has to be false, and in this case he honestly believes it to be true. The hotel has zero legal standing, and there's a good chance that the judge will... ... oh wait, this is Quebec, so they'd be using Napoleonic code vs Common. I really don't know what would happen, but if it got to SCC, they'd toss it. That's about a million bucks in legal fees start to finish though.

Comment Re:NFC Ring looks better (Score 1) 87

Kickstarter products don't exist until you've opened the package. It's like software. If your best friend that you trust with your life promises the software will be ready tomorrow, then you don't depend on that software being ready until you've installed it.

This Skip is available in real life.

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