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Comment Where is it practical? (Score 1) 127

But it does not allow rockets to reenter the Earth's atmosphere at orbital velocities, slow down, and land.

How about the Moon and Mars? It seems to me that the fuel capacity of Dragon isn't enough to do both lunar descent and ascent just on the Super Draco thrusters and the trunk's fuel capacity.

Comment What's really impressive (Score 2) 127

The impressive part is that they do it with an actual rocket that is 106 feet tall, and that they have launched it 7 times with 0 failures.

Using the same engine, rather than treating the engine as a disposable object that only performs one burn in its lifetime. Most rocket engines can't be throttled, can't be shut down and then restarted in flight or otherwise.

The tricky part is going to be for any stage to have enough delta-V to return to the pad after lifting a payload to orbit. Also, as far as I can tell, this takes a drag chute for lower stages, and a re-entry shield for upper ones.


Comment Re:nice (Score 2) 82

I have an S3 with CM. The whole process took about an hour, there are guidelines everywhere, but make sure you download everything, including Gapps, before you get started.

Camera works fine in movie and still mode, and lots of options exist. The buttons require long presses to access functionality that I thought was lost when upgrading.

I unplug my phone in the morning, use it for tracking my ride or run with Runkeeper while playing MP3s on PowerAmp. It generally plays MP3s all day long, often while I check FB using Chrome.

Zero problems with phone and text, I have called 911 from my car stereo no problem.

The only problem I've had is that GTA: Vice City doesn't work. For some reason, when you get into a car the screen freezes until you get out of the car.

Oh, and the Bluetooth stack is done different, so I don't get track / album data transferred to my car stereo. Apparently this is because CM is doing BT correctly, which is different than everyone else so it doesn't work. I still get audio transfer. The text did transfer before I flashed to CM.
It will run out of power within 24 hours with that usage.

Comment Re:Q.E.D. (Score 1) 314

Actually, I have an HDMI port built into the wall so it connects to my home theatre and through that to my TV.

It's just that the BR player and the Media Box both have remotes so it's easier to use a thumb drive and then be able to pause with the one remote.

The remote also controls the lights in the living room.

Comment Re:What's funny about Under the Dome (Score 1) 314

I don't know what you're talking about. PVRs haven't been on the market here for a good, oh maybe five years. I had them all, from the first generation that recorded onto DVD-RWs, then some HDD models, and then you couldn't buy them anymore. I looked into building my own, but the tuner cards will not work the encrypted feeds. Hell, I can't even get the audio channels on my TV and it's got the tuner to handle it.

I might be able to order something online, but who knows if it would work?

It's the Cabco box or nothing. That's literally it, and I mean literally in the proper English (not Internet English) use of the term.

Comment Re:What's funny about Under the Dome (Score 5, Informative) 314

I used to record shows... or try to.

You have to, without question, use the cable company's box. No other box will work. Let's put aside the question of cost, and further, let's assume that it costs me $0 for cable service including the box.

The DVR that my provider game me would start and stop at a few minutes before or after a show. It couldn't be predicted, but about 10% of the time I'd miss the start or the end of the show.

Sometimes I wouldn't get any sound on the recording. That was about once a week. It's tricky at best to watch a show without sound.

Other times the recording would be pixelated. Sometimes it was for a second, sometimes it was for a few minutes. Not really a deal-killer.

About once every couple of months the DVR would erase every recording I'd ever made. So if I hadn't had a chance to watch a show, I could never watch it.

It was pretty bad and the cable company gave me a $100 a month credit for a year to compensate me for their crappy system. Now let's get rid of that cost assumption -- it wasn't $0, it is close to $100 a month to get a box that doesn't record and an encrypted feed that gives up. I'd guess that about 25%-35% of the time the show was unwatchably corrupted or just gone. (There were no problems watching a show "live", just when recording.)

Which meant I had to rent the shows... ooh, wait, there's no rental place that has them.
Okay, I can buy the DVD... oh, it won't be out for a year and I'd have to buy the whole season for $150...
Does the library have a copy to loan me? No.

There is one alternative...

I've never had a problem when renting from the famous Swedish library. Never once have I had a bad video, missing audio, or anything else. What you have is a free system that provides error-free and convenient watching of shows. The other option is expensive, error-ridden, and a pain in the ass.

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