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Comment Yet another misleading headline (Score 1) 249

The study doesn't say that 92 minutes of exercise a week is the minimum necessary to extend life. It says that all groups in the study that exercised at all showed extended life when compared to the inactive group, and the average weekly exercise duration of the study group with the lowest amount of exercise was 92 minutes. Whoop-de-do. Exercise is good for you. Who knew?

Comment Re:We're from the music industry (Score 1) 226

And you forgot that you'll need a license if you: -Hear the song from someone else's player as they drive by or you walk by their house -Listen to a friend telling you about someone who covered the song last night on "American Idol" -Are forced to listen to the song because it was downloaded and played as part of an unrequested ad -Buy a product that uses the song in an ad -

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