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Comment Re: Don't get your hopes up (Score 1) 97

And how, exactly, do you propose to do that? Your body's own immune system can't do it, and it's had a 65 million year head start.

With cool nanomachines, of course. And the most part of that 65 million years wasn't spent on fighting cancer, but other stuff that would kill me sooner. Cancer is a relatively recent problem, I think. And even then, most of that time my immune system has probably been plotting against me, so that I wouldn't live too long and compete of resources with my offspring.

Comment Re:This doesn't make any sense! (Score 2, Interesting) 196

I have read the court papers on the case you refer to (as a part of a computer law course). The guy had set a program to download some newsgroups full of (legal) porn, and he discovered later that some of the pics were of children. He had deleted the ones he found and later testified that he hadn't been sure if he'd gotten them all (how could he, he can't check the age of everyone in a huge amount of pics). The court reasoned that even though they agreed the man's possession of child pornography wasn't intentional, he must have thought it possible that everything on his hard drive wasn't legal and hence he was found guilty.

As I recall, there was also a weird twist in the case where the police confiscated his hard drive to use as evidence, but after compiling a list of child porn on it they somehow managed to lose the original and all the copies, so the defense couldn't use it in court.


Submission + - Finland police censors vs Matti Nikki

newtley writes: "If the name Matti Nikki seems familiar, you're probably thinking of his analysis of the Sony BMG DRM spyware. He's now in the news again, but this time this software expert and activist is in trouble with Finnish police censors over kiddie porn and his case has become a major issue. As the the EFFI (Electronic Frontier Finland) puts it, "After a public outcry on the censorship practices the police decided to suspect Nikki of aiding the distribution of material violating sexual chastity." He's now slated for interrogation on Wednesday (February 20). "This is not a proud moment to be a Finn," says the EFFI, pointing out that one of the sites censored was set up in honour of the late HRH Princess Galyani Vadhana of Thailand."

Submission + - Finnish police censors a critic of censorship

pookie13 writes: "Finnish police censored earlier this week a Finnish internet censorship criticism site named [Translation:] based on a law [only in Finnish] that gives NBI right to blacklist sites that include child porn. The blacklist is not available to public and it is updated by Police. According the law everyone can give tip the police to blacklist accused child porn sites

The site owner Matti Nikki has collected addresses of blocked sites to his site only to show public that Police blacklists also sites that don't have child porn. Finnish police hasn't commented about why they censored the site. Electronic Frontier Finland has a press release in english about the subject.

One funny part of the law is that Finnish Internet service providers don't have to use the blacklist. Most ISPs use it because the public pressure is huge to join the censorship front to a good cause."

Submission + - Finnish police censors blacklist critisism

An anonymous reader writes: The recently deployed domain blacklists in Finland meant for censoring child porn are already being abused by the police. a Finnish website spreading information and heavily criticising the blacklist was recently added to the list of blacklisted websites. While no official reason has been given, this has been most likely due to the website releasing list of known blacklisted websites. The police has warned that distributing a list of blocked domains may lead to juridical action.

Submission + - Finnish anti-censorship site censored

Leetteri writes: "A Finnish site(in Finnish) criticizing censorship has been blocked by the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) of Finland. EFF has also released a statement. The censorship is based on a law that been in use since the start of 2008 and is supposed to censor ONLY child pornography. The censor is DNS-based and optional for ISP's but the government has announced that if the system wouldn't be used voluntarily, it would become forced. The site was apparently censored because it contains about 2/3's of the list of censored sites. The list is maintained by one part-time police officer and has been declared classified. Most sites are perfectly legal sites from the US and EU and consist mostly of gay- "barely 18" and fetish porn. The law itself states that it is only applied to FOREIGN sites and contains no information about sites linking to child porn. It is obviously against the Finnish constitution and freedom of speech, but it still passed without opposition."

Submission + - Finnish censorship critic censored (

An anonymous reader writes: Finnish hacker Matti Nikki who has loudly critized national childporn blacklist has been added to the very same blacklist (which should only contain foreign sites from countries where authorities are not interested in taking down those sites) he has been critizizing. According to police, the reason for blocking is that the site the site contained a list of the blocked sited, most of which contain legal porn and reside in EU or USA.

Submission + - Finnish police censors critic of net censorship

An anonymous reader writes: Finnish police has had a child porn blacklist for some months now, and teleoperators can choose to prevent traffic to those sites in the list. The list itself is not public.

Matti Nikki ("Muzzy") (same guy who investigated the Sony's rootkit DRM system) has his own website which contains critics about the censorship system and also reverse-engineered list of domains being blocked by the censorship.

The site does not contain any pornographics material.

At Feb 13 Finnish police added this site into the list of blocked domains, and now at least clients from Elisa, one of finland's biggest ISPs, cannot access the site with it's original address and get a police's notification about child pornography site instead.

It seems that not all ISP's update the list every day so the block is not yet effective on some other finnish ISP's.

There is also news article about this in

Submission + - Finnish police censors a critic of censorship

Censored writes: The Electronic Frontier Finland group reports that the Finnish police have added to the national child porn block list the site of a vocal critic of the block list, whose name is fully known and whose site resides on a Finnish server. The site includes no photographic images or even descriptions of child pornography. What it does include, however, is an excerpt of the supposedly secret list, found by simply testing addresses of porn sites. The site reveals that a large portion of the blocked sites appear to include no legally objectionable content. Using the block list is "voluntary" for Finnish ISPs.

Submission + - Finnish police censors a critic of censorship ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: A while ago Finland started censoring alleged child porn sites on the DNS level. The secret block list contains more than sites hosting child porn. Digital rights group Electronic Frontier Finland writes:

Now the censorship list has been appended with a site called [translates to] that is maintained by a Finnish Internet activist Matti Nikki. The site does not contain child pornography, but articles that criticise censorship and a list of blocked IP addresses.

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