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Comment Re:Still kickin (Score 1) 196

Have a look at this change from just 2 days ago about inadyn.

I'm pretty sure that DD-WRT does currently work with no-ip because many people flocked to it when dyndns changed their policy to only allow 1 free name (which also broke compatibility with DD-WRT's old inadyn) and I haven't heard any recent complaints about it being broken with no-ip, so you may just not have configured it correctly. Search for an answer in the forum and if you can't find an answer then make a post.

Comment Not enough info (Score 1) 196

This question really belongs on the DD-WRT forums but free advertising is always good.

This question gets asked all the time and the first answer is almost always "you didn't provide enough info" which applies here as well. What features do you want besides 802.11n (802.11n isn't even very specific, do you want simultaneous dual band 802.11n? how many MIMO streams?) such as USB or gigabit Ethernet, and what is your price range? There are MANY options available nowdays and it's not so simple as "buy a wrt54g because it's the only model" like it was a decade ago.

Comment Still kickin (Score 2) 196

DD-WRT is not dead but the developers work in the strangest of ways and can't be coaxed toward sanity. If you browse the file directories on the server (many links in the DD-WRT forums) then you can find updated beta builds. The beta builds that we forum moderators recommend is getting old but that is because the newer builds have several major bugs, but you're free to run any build you want.

Just look at the DD-WRT Trac for proof that it's still being developed.

Comment Re:time to switch (Score 1) 112

FYI every major browser supports WebGL for 3D and this article is about a javascript game engine. They are not adding this engine to Firefox, it is just a javascript game engine that allows web developers to create WebGL games easier.

So with all due respect, what the fuck are you ranting about?

Comment Re:Just following in chrome's footsteps... (Score 1, Insightful) 112

The UI was minimized because of netbooks, not because of Chrome.

Numbering is artificial and of little significance. Mozilla's plan is to eventually remove it entirely.

It seems you're confusing a javascript game engine that uses the WebGL API and the WebGL API itself? All major browsers are implementing WebGL which allows browsers to render 3D. The article is about a javascript game engine that uses WebGL and will run on any WebGL capable browser. Many people will be writing javascript/WebGL game engines and all major browsers support both, so I'm not sure what you think Mozilla is copying but they're not.

Comment Re:Shameless Ad (Score 1) 235

I should have said the battle between h.264 and open standards for the video tag spec. On one hand you've got some companies wanting h.264 because of hardware support for it and because they have patents in the spec, on the other hand you've got companies that believe an open standard (html5) should promote other open standards. In the end, they seem to have compromised on leaving codecs out of the video tag spec but that means that websites will probably continue to encode in h.264 and use Flash to play it except on Apple's devices where they'll have to use the video tag.

Btw, thanks for completely ignoring the point of my original post.

Comment Shameless Ad (Score 2) 235

The battle between h.264 and Theora has existed for over a year and this article doesn't add any new insight to the table. The OP is full of name dropping and was submitted by someone at IT World but doesn't even throw in a "full disclosure" statement. We get it, Brian Proffitt wrote a stale article for you and your buddy Soulskill hooked you up again...

Comment Read the article! (Score 1) 359

It looks like you didn't comprehend the article one bit if you read it at all. Jasper was only quoted a couple times and his only point was that there is a cat and mouse game of networks not wanting to grow without apps that force them to and app developers not wanting to write apps that need high bandwidth because it's not available to most people.

The author, Stacey Higginbotham, is the one that has a completely flawed argument about gigabit costing too much. She opens up by saying in the first paragraph that gigabit costs $300/m and 100mbit costs $120/m but then in the fourth paragraph she states that (Jasper's ISP) offers them for $70/m and $40/m respectively which also includes VoIP. AT&T was charging us twice as much for a 3mbit/384kbit line and local POTS than charges for a 5.5mbit/1mbit line (we're ~10k feet from the office, if we were closer then it would be 20mbit/1mbit) with nationwide long distance POTS. is a great ISP with wonderful tech support and all my friends have switched to it. They've all gotten similar speed increases and cost reductions.

Comment Jeopardizing his career? (Score 1) 302

"The amusement quickly turned to anxiety. Doe, then living in Santa Clara, Calif., had just accepted a job in the network-security division of a Seattle software company. (He is able to work using a pair of computer programs that read his e-mails aloud and magnify a portion of his computer screen.) The mere suggestion that he swaps illicit smut online could jeopardize his career."

"'I didn't have time to set up the wireless network in my old apartment,' he says. 'I was working 18-hour days so I just told my wife to go to Best Buy and pick up a router. She installed it, hit next, next, finish, and boom, that was it. We lived in a very upscale building, there was no riffraff. We just assumed we didn't have anything to worry about.'"

Isn't the fact that he's working in network security and didn't secure his own wireless network, assuming there was nothing to worry about, much more damaging to his career than whatever porn he may or may not have pirated.

Comment Re:Wait for Bulldozer (Score 1) 207

I've bought exclusively AMD CPU's for the past decade because they have good budget models and I am looking forward to seeing what Bulldozer can do, but I am curious about the FPU performance since they are cutting the number of FPU's in half. Bulldozer seems like an architecture targeted at servers and virtual machines by upping the ALU count but cutting the FPU count.

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