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Comment Re:Huh? (Score 4, Insightful) 256

Not even Coke or Pepsi. Microsoft is and has always been an office supply company. They're rich because they worked out how to sell an expensive box of paperclips to every business in the world. But y'know, turning pens and paperclips into a consumer shiny toy company? A bit unlikely to happen.

Comment An anecdote (Score 1) 404

Anecdote: my work currently has XP, Office 2007 and Lotus Notes. We're looking at replacing Office and Notes with Google Apps ... and XP with Linux or Chromebook-style thin clients unless you can come up with a good reason you need a general-purpose PC. Google Apps is pretty much the hot favourite with lots of people saying "hell yes!"; the second part is just being mooted, but it's being seriously mooted. It'll be interesting. (I can already do all my work in Xubuntu.)

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