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Comment Re:Is upper management the real problem ? (Score 2) 195

Who the hell manages to become responsible for 1000s of systems and networks without being forced to document them as part of their job ?

Lots of people. Welcome to system administration! Here's your accordion.

(I spent three years documenting furiously. We finally got a third sysadmin. He found my notes incomprehensible. Sigh.)

Comment Re:markup should remain (Score 1) 55

Wikitext is the most awful thing ever. It is barely computable. It provably can't be put into EBNF. Large chunks of it are literally defined as "whatever the PCRE lib in PHP happens to do". It is so horrible it has literally delayed a proper visual editor for Wikipedia by several years. We now have a visual editor that barely works after a huge amount of money and resources have been poured in. The only reason it hasn't been thrown away is that we have ten billion words of legacy content that has to keep working.

tl;dr a markup language is a nice idea, but MediaWiki wikitext is quite possibly the worst possible example and oh if only we could set it on fucking fire.

Comment Marketing keeps it there (Score 3, Funny) 384

This is the method, but it's the sheer horror of marketing the stuff that makes it the bible.

“The closer you get to (or the farther you get from) your thirtieth birthday, the more likely you are to develop things like taste and discernment, which render you such an exhausting proposition in terms of selling a movie that, well, you might as well have a vagina.”

Comment Re:How can that be? (Score 4, Insightful) 550

Same problem as Windows Phone. I know a few people with Windows phones and they love them ... the only thing they lament is the utter lack of apps.

Unfortunately, it seems that "Microsoft" and "Windows" are tainted brands. No-one wants to spend personal money to be reminded of Monday morning 9am at work.

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