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Comment Re:Isn't unwillingless to learn a big problem? (Score 5, Insightful) 192

If it is possible for a new desktop to be better than its predecessor, then it is possible for it to be worse.

The users largely hate GNOME 3. Therefore, it has failed user acceptance testing. It is worse than its predecessor.

In this case, it's Red Hat - who pay many of the remaining GNOME devs - saying "dunno what you're here for, but we're here to serve our users." It's nice someone is.

Comment Re:Not unique to open source (Score 3, Informative) 110

Sort of. In practice, taking on an unmaintained library yourself (whether as a public project or just internally) means taking on unknown amounts of technical debt. ("Legacy code" can IMO usefully be approximated to "code dumped on you with unknown technical debt involved".) It might be lovely, it might be a goddamned nightmare.

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