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Comment Re:Not unique to open source (Score 3, Informative) 110

Sort of. In practice, taking on an unmaintained library yourself (whether as a public project or just internally) means taking on unknown amounts of technical debt. ("Legacy code" can IMO usefully be approximated to "code dumped on you with unknown technical debt involved".) It might be lovely, it might be a goddamned nightmare.

Comment Of course it's not for them (Score 1) 267

The purpose of the patent system in the 21st century is for big businesses to keep small competitors out of the field. If the inventor gets anywhere from it, that's nice to advertise, but it's nothing to do with what it's for.

It's like copyright. If it benefits the actual artists, that looks good in the advertising, but if it ever does happen it's strictly a side-effect - it exists to benefit the publishers.

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