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Comment Re:He's sorry now ... (Score 1) 447

I'm sure there are many places that don't permit such a EULA, however are they the jurisdiction where he wrote and published the code? (honest question - I don't know) Jurisdiction matters for such things, which is how some open source projects get away with code that infringes patents in some regions but not others for example.

Comment Re:for a library... (Score 2) 447

Moving away from C just means you now have to have faith in some bytecode virtual machine's memory and buffer management. Is it a more secure approach? Maybe, but if the root complaint is putting faith in complex software, coding in Java or some .NET language means trusting the people coding those engines are equally capable of screwing up. All these higher level virtual machines and interpreters are ultimately written in C.

Or you could just use C++ complete with their bounds-checked containers.

Comment Re:He's sorry now ... (Score 1) 447

This is the second example I've seen in this thread where disclaiming negligence for vehicular accidents is compared to disclaiming negligence for software bugs on an unpaid open source project that companies aren't obligated to use.

And even if these companies could legally sue (jurisdictions notwithstanding), what would the point be? This is an individual with limited funds - they'd bankrupt him but wouldn't get enough from him to cover their legal fees.

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