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Comment Re:Farts in their general direction. (Score 1) 445

I heard the same thing, but this is Dropbox not Google. I doubt they're using high end SAS drives, but they're probably using something more along the lines of the WD SE drives as opposed to WD Greens (or equivalent). I've had extremely high failure rates with greens - my last RAID5 consisted of 5 1.5TB greens, 2 died within the warranty period, 2 died within months after the warranty period ended, and one of the original warranty replacements died after that. ~70% failure rate in 2.5 years. Yuck. Hooray for backups.

Comment Re:Could be a good sign... (Score 1) 199

I don't see why young programmers in the USA would be coding with fear of the legal system etc.

They probably don't want to become the next George Hotz or Aaron Swartz. Copyright and patent lawsuits are becoming fairly common, one example is Lodsys suing small iOS app developers for using APIs in the iOS SDK. There are plenty of reasons why young programmers should fear the USA legal system.

Comment Re:Farts in their general direction. (Score 2) 445

No it isn't. I can buy a 3TB hard drive that will last for at least the next five years for like $100. Dropbox charges $10/month for only 100GB of space, which works out to 1/30th the space at $600 for five years. With a hard drive, I always have access to my data, even if my internet connection goes out or I am in a location without a connection.

<cynicism>Hard drives are guaranteed to not fail for at least 5 years? News to me. Even ignoring premature failure, most warranties these days are 1-3 years.</cynicism>

On the other hand, assuming you've got local backups, I mostly agree with you.

Comment Re:And what's that in metric? (Score 1, Funny) 353

We use that conversion here (New Zealand) and it makes a whole lot more sense since I can see precisely how much less fuel this will use compared with my current car which gets around 9L/100Km. Basically, this goes 10x further per gallon than a typical family wagon.

So... it makes more sense to use L/100k, and then you go and talk about distance per gallon? Please hand in your kiwi card on your way out.

Comment Re:Why do we still count the diagonal? (Score 1) 217

1920x1200 still comes off worse than 2560x1080 in total number of pixels, and thus, for the same DPI, you can still sacrifice height by going overboard with width and advertise a higher total area. As someone who cares about height more than width, area by itself isn't overly useful to me.

Much the same way that 1280x720 is supposedly a higher resolution than 1024x768 and yet the former isn't supported properly in Windows 8 (Metro apps refuse to run, it complains that the resolution is too low).

Comment Inaccurate documentation (Score 1) 217

Sitting on the underside of the stand are a pair of DisplayPorts. With the front of the panel facing you, the left DisplayPort serves as an input and the right is an output, which allows you to daisychain multiple monitors.

Uh... I looked at the photos and one is HDMI. The port that they claim is HDMI on the side of the stand? That's DisplayPort.

According to the AOC data sheet, it should have 2 HDMI ports total, but the product manual only shows 1. Something strange is afoot.

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