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Comment Re:BTRFS filesystem (Score 1) 321

My understanding is that Storage Spaces is (as he says) MS's version of ZFS - does it not have the same data-checking features/ performance hit that 'regular' ZFS does?

No, it does not have the same data-checking features. Yes, it has a performance hit. Worst of both worlds. I've used it, and junked it as it was literally an order of magnitude slower than RAID5 via mdadm on Linux and didn't actually add any resiliency over RAID5 or flexibility as to grow an existing pool, you need to add multiple similarly sized drives since it doesn't rebalance. This is despite their marketing claims that you can add mismatched drives in an ad hoc fashion and have it "just work".

The only way to get Microsofts unproven resiliency benefits is to use ReFS in conjunction with mirroring (not parity) on the expensive server editions. Windows 8/8.1 does not support ReFS.

Comment Re:$454 million?? (Score 1) 196

Yes, Melbourne is bigger, but that doesn't excuse the budget blowout (budgeted at $450M, ended up costing over $1.5B) and it is still being rolled out despite being originally scheduled for March 2007. It is also extremely unreliable and there's no way for tourists to get temporary tickets. It would have been cheaper for the government to just scrap ticketing altogether and provide free public transport. Or just leave things as they were with the older ticketing system and send a rover to Mars.

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