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Comment Re:No V-Sync (Score 1) 170

Tearing can happen when the frame rate is lower than the screen refresh rate. All it means is that the frame is updated mid screen refresh. Triple buffering can resolve tearing for frame rates lower than the monitor refresh rate at the cost of input lag.

Comment Re:great news. (Score 1) 170

The Fisher Price UI insult is aimed at XP, not Windows 8. And as long as you don't use any Metro apps, the Windows 8 UI works just fine for desktops and laptops. I don't stare at the start screen for hours on end just like you don't stare at the start menu for hours on end.

Comment Re:Formats (Score 1) 102

Any software you have for encoding is already licensed

That's not guaranteed. Most open source software isn't licensed.

and any non-commercial usage doesn't require a license at all.

Not accurate. Some, but not all, non-commercial usage doesn't require a license for the media, but the software still needs a license.

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