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Comment Re:Why do we still count the diagonal? (Score 1) 217

1920x1200 still comes off worse than 2560x1080 in total number of pixels, and thus, for the same DPI, you can still sacrifice height by going overboard with width and advertise a higher total area. As someone who cares about height more than width, area by itself isn't overly useful to me.

Much the same way that 1280x720 is supposedly a higher resolution than 1024x768 and yet the former isn't supported properly in Windows 8 (Metro apps refuse to run, it complains that the resolution is too low).

Comment Inaccurate documentation (Score 1) 217

Sitting on the underside of the stand are a pair of DisplayPorts. With the front of the panel facing you, the left DisplayPort serves as an input and the right is an output, which allows you to daisychain multiple monitors.

Uh... I looked at the photos and one is HDMI. The port that they claim is HDMI on the side of the stand? That's DisplayPort.

According to the AOC data sheet, it should have 2 HDMI ports total, but the product manual only shows 1. Something strange is afoot.

Comment Re:Tired of this argument (Score 1) 775

If you had been paying any attention to the barrage of people telling you that electric cars aren't good for the environment, you'd have heard that the production of the batteries is bad for the environment. You seem to have completely ignored that point from your comment. Still, electric cars are definitely a step in the right direction, we can't be stuck on petrol forever.

Comment Re:Well, no vehicle is ever completely clean (Score 1) 775

How do you find the velomobile compares to a road bike? More useful, less useful, or just different?

It's very useful for one single reason: I never have to worry about the weather, and what to wear when it rains, or having to change when I arrive at work in the morning. Also, I can carry a ton of stuff inside, which is great for getting groceries and for touring. And it's quite a bit faster than a road bike on average too. The only downside is, it climbs like a pig. The time lost on the uphill is recovered when going back down, but I ain't gonna race someone going up.

This magical modification of a bike somehow eliminates perspiration?

Comment Re:Still not Stallman-approved. (Score 2) 126

But take for example the Radeon driver (the so called open source one). It takes almost a meg of main memory. The closed source one takes even more memory. Its running all the time that your system is up.

Clearly its not just firmware we are talking about here.

The main memory aspect is taken up by the open source driver code. The firmware blob goes straight to the hardware.

Comment Re:Sony Hackstation (Score 1) 457

So how trivial will it be to slurp the OS out onto a AMD card enabled PC and have our own "HackStation4"?

I'm assuming they meant using an AMD based PC because the drivers already in the PS4 OS might be compatible (which is not particularly likely). Alternatively if you want NVIDIA, they already have an official driver for FreeBSD that you could try hacking into Orbis. Neither case requires a custom Linux-FreeBSD shim.

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