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Comment Re:Prototypes should be a requirement (Score 1) 121

Firstly, not everyone that has a great idea has the resources to build a working prototype, this could be a huge hit to "the little guy".
Second; so what if it ends up being unfeasible then the patent simply has no value, so long as it isn't so broad that it stops an actual working innovation. There should be no rule against having a patent on a useless devise, because no one is going to want to build it anyway (though it is a waste of time for the patent office).

Comment Re:prices have dropped 300%.... (Score 1) 347

I think this explains the whole issue, percentage is not not an additive operator so it should never be combined with "more" or "less". It's a multiplying operator so it should only be used with the words like "of" or "as much".
As in "my car has 200% the efficiency of yours, I can go 2 times the distance with the same fuel." or "This sandwich cost 50% as much as what Bob paid"

Comment Re:A society without an attention span (Score 1) 170

I wouldn't be worried about how much oil is left, about one Exxon Valdez worth of hydrocarbons seeps up naturally every year. That's why these bacteria were there in the first place. IANABiologist, but I figure most of the bacteria will be eaten (shrimp bloom?) or die and sink to the bottom and eventually turn back into oil. As far waste products it's just a bunch of CO2.

Comment Re:the lee shore (Score 5, Informative) 35

They actually have much better station keeping than this. The submerged part is not a sea anchor so much as horizontal sail that as it goes up and down pulls the float along, it uses this motion to drive in little circles around its station. They can only move about a knot and a half but have such a low profile as to be unaffected by the wind. I know this because I am sitting next to one in our lab.

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