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Comment Re:Will it be as broken as Fedora? (Score 3, Informative) 118

You can try openstack on Fedora, or look at RDO ( ).

And Fedora is as broken as the community make it broken. If there is no one to make bug reports, triage them, make QA, then yeah, this slip. There is lots of way to help on this part, from giving karma to update testing and testing prerelease.

Comment Re:Show what an inferior OpenStack might look like (Score 3, Informative) 118

I am sure that your company policy should include "do not use Technology preview on production servers". If it doesn't, then I suggest to add it, and then complain that using RHEL do not have the packages you need, if you want to switch to Debian. That would be much more smoother. than trying to blame the vendor for your lack of clue regarding what is supported and what is not ( especially when comparing to Ubuntu, where you do not even have the guarantee that Mark will not change his mind and just stop the project, or focus it on something else, like they did on the desktop, on bzr, and several stuff )

Comment Re:This was even a question? (Score 1) 192

Your analogy is totally wrong. That's more :

- here is a list of stuff, we will do our best to support, but you have no guarantee on anything
and the other
- here is a list of stuff, we plan to guarantee this. Also, as we know that you may want to plan and deploy the technology for testing in advance, so here is a preview for testing, we wait on your feedback, but that's too new to guarantee much.

That you have a business case do not change much. People have business case for lots of stuff, that doesn't mean this can done or supported in the long term.

In the end, you can turn that as much as you want, you seem to just rant because you have no one to blame for your lack of understanding of the current documented policy.

Comment Re:RedHat be unsmart? (Score 3, Insightful) 118

Well, that's the point, ie you need more than hobbyist. IE, when it come to be "enterprise" ready, people expect documentation, training, certification, support, and this is not free ( because while some people enjoy writing documentation or making support, there isn't that much people doing it for free ). And also, when you start to pay, you tend to expect someone to handle the sales, someone to negociate, etc, etc.

Comment Re:Isn't unwillingless to learn a big problem? (Score 1) 192

There is no such thing as "sake for the sake of change". Either you change and do exactly the same way with a better architecutre ( so it is more extensiible ), or you rewrite to be more maintainable ( so you can spend more time later on fixing others issues, or offering features ).

But if there is a change, then something improved somewhere, and so the change was not done without reason. That people miss the reason of a change doesn't mean there isn't one, just that they do not see and that it may not matter to them. And that doesn't mean it doesn't matter to someone else, coders included.

Comment Re:Isn't unwillingless to learn a big problem? (Score 1) 192

It is not really "not learning", it is more "not learning too much in 1 go", and "not learining too much when you have different versions". I am sure people can learn if you give them time, but usually, you don't give them time. RHEL 7 will come with various news stuff ( systemd is taken for granted, there is story about having xfs by default, and for sure, lots of news other under the hood changes and improvement ), and nowadays, IT is talking about cloud, about puppet/automation, etc, all of them who are rather huge changes since the last few years. So yeah, people can learn, to some extend, there is a limit.

Also, remember we are talking of a default setup. The regular gnome 3 is just 1 click away, this is not forcing anything on people, those that can want or love gnome-shell still have it.

Comment Re:This was even a question? (Score 1) 192

You know, Pixar use RHEL for workstation :

Now, if this is classified as mission critical or not is a whole debate, but there is desktop that are important for business or you are losing time. Likely less than a server serving several clients of course, but no one will deny that some workstation exist and need to be up or you are losing money ( think trader for example ).

Comment Re:This was even a question? (Score 2) 192

So, let me rephrase, for mission critical stuff, you install stuff marked as "technology preview" ?
( cf ).

You know, the whole TP that is explicitely written as "not to be used in production" from the same documentation :

So in the end, the vendor say in the release note "do not do this, this may break", and when it break, you just rant because you forgot that part ?

Comment Re:Fun putting together a distro? (Score 1, Offtopic) 89

Some people are happy to make something useful and find that activity to be great and interesting. Maybe your definition of fun include "posting snarky comment under no one name on a web site", and yet, that's your choice ( albeit a less weird one, everybody does it, so I can see why you think the easy way is much funnier ).

Submission + - CrunchBang 11 "Waldorf" " for speed-obsessed Ubuntu fans is out ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: Debian based Linux distribution CrunchBang 11 has been released. Dedicated to the speed-obsessed Ubuntu fans, CrunchBang 11 alias “Waldorf” is also dubbed by the project manager as “the most thoroughly tested CrunchBang release to date”. Maintaining it’s low-drag, no extra fluff tradition CrunchBang 11 is said to be as stable as the underlying Debian 7 “Wheezy”.

Submission + - Former Amazon cloud engineer spills to Reddit audience (

Brandon Butler writes: Amazon is usually pretty hush-hush about the internal workings of its cloud. But, an anonymous engineer recently did a Reddit IAmA and spilled the beans about the company's cloud and what it's like to work there.

Some highlights:
-Amazon uses a lot of secreet sauce in both hardware and software, including multiple flavors of "Amazon Linux"
-Pay and benefits aren't that great, but having AWS on the resume is worth it
-How VPCs work and what the best way to deal with "noisy neighbors" is

Read the full IAmA post here

And a summary here

Comment Re:Hope they fail (Score 1) 83

A disturbing trned is that Blackberry has as much hit than Ubuntu. Given how few people with Blackberry i see around me, that's kinda a eye opener to the bubble most Linux users ( and me too ) are living in.
In fact, the fact that almost no one use Xubuntu to go to wikipedia, that's the biggest part is for "linux others", the fact there seems to be more opensuse users than linux mint users are also interesting, in the sense this totally contradict the perception of some people.

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