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Comment Re:Fun putting together a distro? (Score 1, Offtopic) 89

Some people are happy to make something useful and find that activity to be great and interesting. Maybe your definition of fun include "posting snarky comment under no one name on a web site", and yet, that's your choice ( albeit a less weird one, everybody does it, so I can see why you think the easy way is much funnier ).

Submission + - CrunchBang 11 "Waldorf" " for speed-obsessed Ubuntu fans is out (kabatology.com) 1

An anonymous reader writes: Debian based Linux distribution CrunchBang 11 has been released. Dedicated to the speed-obsessed Ubuntu fans, CrunchBang 11 alias “Waldorf” is also dubbed by the project manager as “the most thoroughly tested CrunchBang release to date”. Maintaining it’s low-drag, no extra fluff tradition CrunchBang 11 is said to be as stable as the underlying Debian 7 “Wheezy”.

Submission + - Former Amazon cloud engineer spills to Reddit audience (networkworld.com)

Brandon Butler writes: Amazon is usually pretty hush-hush about the internal workings of its cloud. But, an anonymous engineer recently did a Reddit IAmA and spilled the beans about the company's cloud and what it's like to work there.

Some highlights:
-Amazon uses a lot of secreet sauce in both hardware and software, including multiple flavors of "Amazon Linux"
-Pay and benefits aren't that great, but having AWS on the resume is worth it
-How VPCs work and what the best way to deal with "noisy neighbors" is

Read the full IAmA post here http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/1e5o4p/iaman_exaws_engineer_ask_me_anything_about_the/

And a summary here http://www.networkworld.com/news/2013/051713-amazon-reddit-269890.html?page=1

Comment Re:Hope they fail (Score 1) 83

A disturbing trned is that Blackberry has as much hit than Ubuntu. Given how few people with Blackberry i see around me, that's kinda a eye opener to the bubble most Linux users ( and me too ) are living in.
In fact, the fact that almost no one use Xubuntu to go to wikipedia, that's the biggest part is for "linux others", the fact there seems to be more opensuse users than linux mint users are also interesting, in the sense this totally contradict the perception of some people.

Comment Re:Hope they fail (Score 1) 83

And do they really have no clue on who is doing the work and why reducing income from Canonical is the wisest move ( by not using Ubuntu ( firefox/mozilla/google deal, amazon deal), by not buying CD or stuff on the store, etc ) ?
Even if most of the work come from Debian, and upstream from others company, switching to Mint and then pushing it is just wrong.

Comment Re:Good (Score 1) 466

That was indeed something quite visible on my old os X laptop. I was not able to run openoffice and mail.app without lots of swap, while doing the same on Fedora was ok. Maybe now with 4 to 8 Gigabit of ram, this would be less visible, but as we are also pushing to less power consumption, I think that using less memory, and less cpu, fetching less things from disk is gonna requires some work in this direction.

Comment Re:On the bright side... (Score 1) 234

It is more than people are not able to fork because that mean doing real work. It is much easier to send a email than to do real work. Look at MATE, everybody screamed, how many people working on the code ? 5, 10 ? Github list 15 people who can commit, and the graphs of commits look very low.

Heck, there is likely more people following Paris Hilton days and nights than people devoting time to make MATE work. Where did all those people who screamed gone ? Oh yes, doing nothing and just waiting as usual...

Comment Re:This is just sad. (Score 1) 234

Because all those users that know better do not code anything, that's really too bad that the brightest minds of our century are also the ones that just do not code...

Maybe in a few years, people will be able to turn slashdot comments into C code, solving all the problem of those developpers not listening to the wisdom of the crowd ?

Comment Re:Arrogant maintainers... (Score 2) 234

Have you read the link you posted ?
Especially that part :
""Further, recent research[12] has shown it is possible to detect the radiation corresponding to a keypress event from not only wireless (radio) keyboards, but also from traditional wired keyboards, and even from laptop keyboards.""

Comment Re:Arrogant maintainers... (Score 1) 234

Having worked in server room, I must say that's a pretty stupid thing to do, there is noise, it is cold and you are most of the time on a crappy screen, using a less than good keyboard, no mouse.

So anything that could serve as a reason to ask to people to leave the server room is IMHO a good thing. Now, you can say " I cannot do install there, there is people around me". And either you get out, or the others get out, and in the end, that's it, few people saved from this pain.

Comment Re:Openshift PaaS (Score 1) 75

Free hosting for starting ( there is a limit to sponsoring ), but then you can also take it and host it at home ( package for Fedora for now, supported version for RHEL 6, package for Centos 6 and the team would be quite happy to see it on others distributions too and would be quite receptive to feedback on that part ), you have ssh access so no lock-in of your data, and that's all standards stuff ( ie, it use setup.py for python, etc ).

And the code is on github, there is forums, etc, etc. But that's still a complex beast and that's moving a lot, so there is lots of outdated documentations.

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