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Comment Re:Whos name is the internet account in? (Score 2) 346

I used to believe in loser-pays, but here's where it falls down.

Giant movie studio sues you. You're completely in the right, but perhaps due to a technicality, an idiot jury, or "the winds of fate," the decision goes against you.

Your legal fees were 5-10K or so. The movie studio points to its team of 85 lawyers all billing at $1K an hour for the last six months.

Kinda makes you long for simple student loan debt...

Comment Github? (Score 2) 442

This may be due in part to the way github integrates social networking and coding-- I'm unaware of anything similar for SVN, Perforce, Bazaar, Mercurial, etc...

Comment Re:Encryption (Score 1) 364

This is very much what I want to know. Destroy your drives, shred your papers, I'm with you this far-- but then ADMITTING to having done it? This isn't like the situation of a thug bragging about a store he robbed for ego points; nobody's going to praise you for operating a shredder, so where's the value in yammering about it?


Unique ID In India Causes 'Fear of the Beast' 725

bhagwad writes "India's attempts to tag everyone with an ID number has run into a roadblock is some Christian villages. Apparently the villagers fear they will be associated with the devil since according to the Bible, everyone having the 'mark of the beast' will go to hell. These people are not afraid of punishment. They relish this opportunity to prove their faith because the Bible also proclaims that they will be persecuted."

Comment Re:Let me be the first (Score 1) 351

No, I truly get that-- it's not a hard concept.

My point is that that was their last product "hit." I don't think we can find another viable electronic manufacturer that hasn't come out with something droolworthy in half a decade?

Comment Re:Let me be the first (Score 1) 351

Sure, but look at the platform. It's five years old, and despite its new form factor it hasn't really been updated since release.

I realize they don't want to change things around on game developers, but I'd like to think that we can get better performance today than we could five years ago...

Comment Re:Authority (Score 1) 215

Actually, if you're going to be blamed if it doesn't work out just right, endorse an option you KNOW they won't go with. That leaves you in the (enviable) position of being able to say "Well, I recommended $VENDOR_X but you shot it down" should things not work out going forward, rather than being the chump who suggested the failing equipment.

Comment Re:suckitude (Score 1) 160

Nice to see that Symantec is continuing its tradition of buying terrific products solely to bloat them, screw them up, and effectively turn them into shit.

BackupExec, Norton Utilities, Brightmail... it's like they've got some kind of bizarre scatological alchemy going on.

I do hope that the whole disk encryption solution that PGP was offering for Mac and Linux will continue to be supported; IIRC Symantec tends not to focus overly much on non-Windows solutions.

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