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Comment When, oh when.... (Score 1) 888

Will the morons in charge of public safety cancel the current Grand Guignol farce that is supposed to guarantee that asshats-of-no-particular-philosophical-orientation-whatsoever-and-certainly-not-adherents-of-islam-at-all-no-way-jose do not get the least chance to practice their asshattery. What possible difference is chaining passengers to their seats for the last hour of the flight going to make? Had these same morons profiled this asshat and paid attention to the information that fairly screamed DANGER-WILL-ROBINSON we'd all ( absent those inclined to asshattery and their enablers ) be much happier. One fine day we'll wake up to the news that somebody tried to detonate a suppository bomb and you can guess just what new security measures will result from that.

Comment One Caution (Score 1) 467

As a number of others have pointed out you'll probably learn a lot about high security applications and I don't think there's any sort of black mark associated with such employment going forward. However if you enjoy gambling in Vegas you might want to consider that the gaming regulators take a very dim view of people associated with the technical side of the industry showing up in casinos While I lived in Silicon Valley I took courses at local colleges and universities. Two of my instructors mentioned they weren't allowed to go to Vegas casinos because they had been employed by a gaming machine manufacturer and the Nevada gaming regulators ( decades before ) respectively.

Comment Yeah, right! (Score 1) 365

And of course "The One" can be trusted to keep official communications off his Blackberry. Yeah, sure. Imagine the kerfuffle were it revealed there were no recorded communications between Bush 43 and oh say Karl Rove on any known official e-mail system, the ACLU and the Dhimmicreeps would go berzerk.

Comment Re:SUVs (Score 1) 897

Topologically a Smart Car and a generic Monster Urban Assaulrt Vehicle (MUAV) look much the same. Probably takes roughly the same amount of labo(u)r to put them together give or take. Material cost in the first instance will be less than for the MUAV of course but on the whole the larger and more expensive the vehicle the greater the gross profit. Detroit's current cost structure could not support a switch to small vehicles without massive price increases. Non-UAW manufacturer's aren't subject to this yet although it is clear that if the "Card Check" law makes it past COngress the UAW intends to take those companies into a Big 3 style labo(u)r hell.

Comment The Real Question (Score 1) 897

What's happening is there's a race between oncoming bankruptcy and the Obama administration's ability to pass the so-called "Card Check" legislation. Once that happens UAW goons will unionize the non-UAW car makers by any means necessary with Obamunist connivance and they'll all be in the same boat. Mind you the formerly non-Union operations won't have the 3 or 4 to 1 retiree to worker ratio that Detroit "enjoys". It is also clear that once any bailout money is available to Detroit any UAW noises about wage and benefit consessions will disappear. The UAW isn't even trying to conceal this part of their game plan. Of course if the GOP and Blue Dog Dhimmicraps can prevent Card Check the UAW is screwed.

Comment Try mastering the basics first (Score 1) 474

Math and Physics. All else follows. How in Dazbog's name the Obamunists hope to teach CS to folks whom their NEA allies can't even teach to read at grade level is beyond me.
I once deployed a Green's Function in anger but most of the time trig, algebra, and good old F=Ma do quite nicely. Mind you our tame PhD physicist was consulting me about plasmadynamics about a month ago :)

Comment Re:Duh. (Score 1) 1601

On a peripherally related topic, I see that candidates for the Presidential Pup are generally thought to includes poodles of one sort or another. After nearly two years on the road with a pack of said beasts in tow I suppose Obamarx has gotten comfortable with the breed.

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