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Comment Re:Oh, the irony! (Score 3, Interesting) 291

I stopped wearing a watch outside of work recently, for the same reason. However, no one is allowed to bring cell phones, 2-way pager, cameras, or anything that can transmit or connect to a computer. So I wear a simple Casio watch to work and typically take it off when I get home. I'd love to go to a smart watch like Pebble that can connect to my phone, display alerts, play music, etc however I couldn't wear it to work.

Comment Re:I agree with Barbara Cargill (Score 1) 763

Good point. Though Lamarckianism is still evolution, albeit descent with modification. Doubt that this would go over any better with the Texas board of education. Interestingly, there is some evidence of a Lamarckian mechanism at work today in people, through retro viruses carrying mutated DNA from T-cells to sperm cells. Not a major agent of evolutionary change in all likelihood, though fascinating nonetheless. See Lamarck's Signature by Robyn Lindley.

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