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Comment Re:Android is worse than Windows (Score 1) 106

Android does have per-app permissions. I see plenty of wallpaper apps, for instance, that require access to my contact list and other permissions they clearly do not need just to be able to show me wallpapers. The free games are the worst, let alone ones from outside Google Play. But it's not Android's fault when people don't read it.

Comment Re:Android is worse than Windows (Score 4, Insightful) 106

has malware and exploit issues (I have some sort of pesky nuisance-ware on my Android phone, apparently from installing some free game outside the Google Play ecosystem)

That's not really an Android problem, is it? You circumvented the controls by downloading a shady app from an unaccreditied source. Don't blame Android for your own stupidity.

Comment Re:Google, really? (Score 2) 274

In all fairness, Watson has been used in medical contexts where it ranks its suggested diagnoses and treatments (multiple answers, not just one right answer). It also runs on 1 server now, instead of 75. But no, I don't think it's going to scale up to beat Google anytime soon. If/when IBM says they are doing so, that's another story.

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