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Comment Re: Tumbtack in your shoe, pressure when telling t (Score 2) 356

I took one, for the Defense Intelligence Agency. And in addition to the stuff you mentioned, I sat on a pad that was wired to the same machine the rest of it was. Considering this is the federal govt that pressed charges, not some low budget local police station, I'd say my experience is a little note relevant.

Comment Re:Tumbtack in your shoe, pressure when telling tr (Score 1) 356

I'm warning you so you don't get your stupid ass arrested. You have sit on a sensitive pad. You so much as fart and it goes off. If you don't believe me, go get a real poly a find out for yourself. But ask yourself, if this trick is so foolproof, why wouldn't they implement such a simple counter measure?

Comment Re:"warfighter"? (Score 1) 176

It's hard to make a concrete determination between which ones are combat and which ones aren't. My own MOS (military occupational specialty) is mostly deskwork (Marine intelligence analyst), but those assigned to battalions go out on patrols with the infantry. The equivalent in the Air Force might not pick up a rifle in his entire career except to qualify on the range. The recent change for women to be allowed in combat roles reflects the reality that many women were in "non-combat roles" assigned as augmentees to battalions and saw plenty of combat, but were ineligible for combat ribbons because they were just augmentees. The term warfighter is used to encompass anyone who is in a combat role because it's easier than trying to list all the various MOSs across the services.

Comment Re:"warfighter"? (Score 2) 176

And not just anyone in the military will be wearing this suit. Warfighter is used for someone who does the killing. Someone who works in admin, intel, logistics, or any other job behind a desk is a service member but not a warfighter. Warfighter is not meaningless jargon; it's the right word in this context and what we use (Defense contractor and former Marine, here).

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