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Comment Re:Over-monitoring is problematic (Score 5, Informative) 117

That was my first thought as well. Babies make a lot of weird, though normal, noises. Just listening to them sleep can be anxiety-inducing. Was that gurgling normal, or a real problem? He stopped breathing agai...oh no, he's OK. What is that awful sound he's making?

Monitoring and interpreting even more data is going to be daunting and nail-biting. Unless they're sick and need the monitoring, I would not recommend monitoring healthy babies.

Comment Re: So, time to scrap TSA/airport security checks (Score 1) 208

Oh great, you again. I suppose if I were worried about a threat from 50 years ago, you'd tell me to skate to where the puck's gonna be. There have been several attempts to blow up planes, and now that they realize hijacking is no longer effective, it's been the focus of their attention. A fully loaded jumbo jet with jet fuel exploding shortly after takeoff over a city might be kind of a problem. The cleanup costs of 9/11 in New York City alone exceeded $20 billion.

Comment Re:Best Buy (Score 1) 385

I was the same way. But this last time, I bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0. I checked the price on Amazon while in the store, and it was the exactly the same with no shipping. Granted, I paid sales tax in Best Buy, but it sounds like pretty soon we'll be paying sales tax on Amazon too. The accessories, OTOH, were hideously overpriced, so I went home and ordered on Amazon.

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