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Comment Re:whistling (Score 1) 682

I smelled used-car-salesman sliminess on Obama when I first heard of him, and I was surprised how many people fell for his great sounding but deliberately vague speeches. The man came from Chicago, the most corrupt political system in our country. And I voted for Nader in 08, so I'm no Republican.

Comment Re:Fine ... (Score 5, Informative) 245

I imagine the problem is that these databases only hold collected data for a short period of time, say 30 or 90 days. The data scraped is massive, so it is constantly deleting old data to make way for more. IAA Intelligence Analyst, and I know of some imagery databases, for example, that only hold the last 30 days of imagery. If you forced them to hold all of it for years, it would mean increasing server space by orders of magnitude.

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