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Comment Re:Lazyness (Score 1) 926

I can't believe we wasted some much time and money doing scientific research on this, when we could have just asked you to begin with! That would have saved us so much time. Before we do any other research on anything, please share with us all of your uninformed opinions!

Comment Re:BS on so many levels (Score 2) 254

That would be the 16th century, but not much better I would argue.

1. There are about a million and a half bewildering and contradictory laws that we can't even make sense of. Good luck not getting arrested for doing something you thought was just fine.
2. Women are not property and have equal rights to vote, hold office, and own property. Mind==blown right there. Blacks are not subhuman mud people, and have equal rights. Animals have legal rights too. People can marry members of the same sex in some places, but not others.
3. Alcohol is sort of legal, but with hundreds of weird laws. Most of other drugs are illegal for some reason. We can't explain why.
4. The government has far more power than it did under your monarchy, can see almost everything you do, can arrest you for pretty much no reason, and we voted this government in office willingly.

Just look at elderly people today. They can barely keep up with technology, and they were HERE for it! Many of them are disgustingly racist and sexist by today's standards. They cling to the music, styles, and culture from their youth like it's still 1940. And you think someone born in 1530 would fare better than someone born in 1930?

Comment Re:BS on so many levels (Score 2) 254

Imagine someone from the 1500s waking up now. Hey, welcome to the future. All of your morals are horribly outdated, everything you thought you knew about the world is at best laughably incomplete or more likely completely wrong, and the world has changed in every meaningful way. Good luck getting a job, finding a mate, or even crossing the street!

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