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Comment Re:Time to move into the Century of the fruit bat. (Score 1) 1198

I'm an American citizen, born and raised, living in the United States. And I never said it was OK for him to do whatever he wanted, but thanks for the strawman Dr Stupid. The death penalty provides no more disincentive than imprisonment. I'm fine if you have the opinion the death penalty is OK. Go vote that way. All I said was how I feel, not how you should feel.

Comment Re:Time to move into the Century of the fruit bat. (Score 1) 1198

The fact that we do not have time machines does not lead me to the conclusion we should execute people. I never said I didn't support punishments, imprisonment, law enforcement, etc. But I do not support the death penalty. You're entitled to your own opinion and I'm entitled to mine.

Comment Re:Spy Talk (Score 1) 168

He had a birthday party at the Russian embassy in an attempt to mask his involvement with Russia? Then filed for assylum, waited on approval, finally moved to Russia, and engaged Putin on TV, all in a clever attempt to cover up for the fact that he was a Russian spy/plant all along? That is stretching the bounds of credulity.

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