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Comment Re:Another time-travelling Slashdot story? (Score 1) 103

Strange then that I've lived nearly my whole life in the US and can't remember ever going to a .us site. Slashdot is run out of the US with American editors. It uses American units and American lexicon (color instead of colour, etc). It's not going to have every unit for every country, ever release date for every movie, or every lexicon to appease the global audience. Get over it. This has nothing to do with taking criticism or behaving like a strop, whatever the fuck that is.

Comment Nice comparison (Score 2) 72

The Global Hawk is the size of a 747. The Ion Tiger is a small lightweight drone with a 17" wingspan. And the Phantom Eye is large at 150" wingspan, but also described as lightweight. Comparing flight duration seems a bit unfair. Anyone have a better idea how to properly compare efficiency of engines?

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