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Comment Re:Not A Lie (Score 1) 385

Not only that, but the chart only shows pieces of data, about 2 billion for the U.S in a 30-day period. It does not show how many people at all. The NSA officals' statements were probably literally true: they can't know how many people are connected to the vast mountain of data they collect.

Comment Re:But not to give them a chance to correct it fir (Score 1) 404

The main crux behind "security through obscurity...", is the same behind other types of "ignorance is bliss" arguments.

Using the changing room at Dillards to try on a suit, that has a peep cam installed, takes pictures of your junk regardless of if you know about it or not.

In fact, I you have been warned that the changing booth has a peep cam, you can mitigate your risk of having your dick on somthingawful, by either not using the changing room, or by putting gum over the lens.

If you don't know about the camera, THAT'S when you have the most problem with people being crotch cammed.

If Dillards KNOWS about the crotchcams, but can't easily remove them and make the booths camera free, but fails to inform their patrons and ask that they forgo the use of the changing booths until they are fixed and safe, what does that say about the store?

Again, being crotched cammed unawares doesn't mean you weren't crotchcammed.

Same holds true for security exploits in computer systems. These days, you really should expect to be getting crotchcammed regardless, and be ever vigilant. It isn't tinfoil hattery. Just put an unpatched XP fresh install on the net, and watch the fireworks.

Companies refusing to disclose threats to the public only puts them at increased risk.

Comment Re:But not to give them a chance to correct it fir (Score 0) 404

Let's see, AC.

I could very well pull one of the blackhat user credential database dumps (many is better!), cross reference that plaintext stream, and get a surprisingly narrow view into already compromised accounts that use that password.

This is because users are, by and large, dumb, lumbering creatures of habbit, and reuse usernames and passwords. when you spread the attack surface over many disparate systems like that, you make yourself far more vulnerable than you realize.

While I can't garantee that your precious account will be in a combined assortment of clandestine database dumps like that, it gives me a very good starting point in hunting your ass down.

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