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Comment Re:Info for the crunchy Eloi, salted and peppered (Score 1) 432

Your comment follows the Slashdot standard of not reading the article you are commenting on. The study was not about carbon footprint or the total life cycle costs of wind power. The study suggests that "using wind turbines to meet 10 percent of global energy demand in 2100 could cause temperatures to rise by one degree Celsius in the regions on land where the wind farms are installed, including a smaller increase in areas beyond those regions." So the study is looking at possible local effects of wind farms, not the global climate.

Comment Re:iFirst (Score 2, Informative) 177

I was also surprised by that, so I looked it up. As of the end of Friday trading, they just edged out Wal-Mart for number 3.

US companies by Market Cap:
Exxon Mobil 315.38B
Microsoft 256.45B
Apple 205.57B
Wal-Mart 205.37B
Berkshire Hathaway 203.20B
Google 184.28B
Procter & Gamble 183.92B
General Electric 181.81B
Johnson & Johnson 176.62B

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