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Comment Re:A mixup and immediate corrective action (Score 1) 143

It's still a delay and an opportunity for the telecom companies to lobby and have it shot down.

Labour Party, hah. More like Sleeping-on-the-job party. They need to drink more tea or switch to coffee.*

* Reference to the leader of the party, Job Cohen, who once said he'd rather drink tea with the parents of the Moroccan kids who were (and are) a nuisance in Amsterdam, where he was mayor, than to actually do something about them. That phrase is haunting him.

Comment Re:I don't like syence fyction any more (Score 1) 465

Mod parent up.

I haven't watched anything SF since Battlestar Galactica. Didn't bother with Caprica, especially after that crap ending BSG had.

But there are thousands of SF books.. I'm currently reading Peter F. Hamilton's The Neutronium Alchemist, part two in the Night's Dawn trilogy. Not by any means a recent book, but that doesn't matter... it's a good book/trilogy so far. I'll buy Hamilton's Void trilogy books too, I think.

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