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Comment Re:blackouts (Score 1) 332

Hmm OK. My BS meter is kind of tingling... its possible, but for 25 million TX citizens, plus or minus some illegals, that's like 1500 watts average on a cool weekday midday... Ya'll have a lot of aluminum refineries down there on the ranch?

Why Texas Has Its Own Power Grid: "The state uses more electricity than any other, 44 percent more than runner-up California. Much of this is used by industrial customers such as petrochemical plants and oil refineries."


Comment Re:full circle (Score 2, Interesting) 71

Google Reader is an RSS aggregator, not a social networking site.

The group of people I currently see sharing content on Google Reader suggests otherwise. It has been moving towards the social aspect for awhile now. eg. Sharing content, commenting, 'liking'. It feels like a precursor to what Google Wave is trying to be.


Comment full circle (Score 4, Interesting) 71

How many social networking sites are we gonna go through before we settle on an open platform? Anybody remember Friendster? Myspace, Orkut, Facebook, Google Reader. Oh, I found a really long list of them.

I honestly can't believe that Facebook will be worth much considering how many other sites we've already gone through. I'm usually wrong though, so who knows.


Submission + - First Apollo Images From LROC (asu.edu)

bsdphx writes: LROC, the camera suite aboard NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter has taken it's first images of Apollo landing sites. Image resolution is from 1.0 to 1.4 meters per pixel and includes zoomable, scrollable images of the sites of Apollo 11, Apollo 14, Apollo 15, Apollo 16, and Apollo 17. These are only the first of many images to come, and as LRO reaches its nominal orbit we will see resolutions of approx. 0.5 meters per pixel!

Submission + - NASA releases hi-res pix of Apollo landing sites (discovermagazine.com) 1

The Bad Astronomer writes: "After much anticipation (years on my part!) NASA has released high-resolution pictures of the Apollo landing sites. The images, taken by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, clearly show Apollo artifacts on the Moon, including the landers... and in the Apollo 14 site image you can actually see the lunar surface disturbed by the astronauts' bootprints! These are stunning images, reminders of a time when our reach exceeded our grasp, and an impetus urging us to do it once again."
Data Storage

EXT4, Btrfs, NILFS2 Performance Compared 102

An anonymous reader writes "Phoronix has published Linux filesystem benchmarks comparing XFS, EXT3, EXT4, Btrfs and NILFS2 filesystems. This is the first time that the new EXT4 and Btrfs and NILFS2 filesystems have been directly compared when it comes to their disk performance though the results may surprise. For the most part, EXT4 came out on top."

Comment Re:Anyone else hoarding gold? (Score 1) 195

The government would more likely refuse to pay their debts / print out 12 trillion dollars than steal gold.

From Liberty Dollar:

The Liberty Dollar offices were raided by agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the United States Secret Service on November 14, 2007. Bernard von NotHaus, the owner of Liberty Services, sent an email to customers and supporters saying that the FBI took all the gold, silver, and platinum, and almost two tons of Ron Paul Dollars.


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