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Comment Re:Boo Hoo (Score 1) 366

I use the NoScript add-on the block JavaScript, and I have no such problems.

I also find that previous version of FF would slow down after a while, especially if they were chewing up a lot of Gigs (I have 8 GB RAM on this computer), and I had to restart. Fortunately, I always got my tabs back, and there must be a couple of hundred of them.

FF 11 does not seem to have that problem anymore. I guess I'll stop referring to it as Firefux!

Comment Here's another way . . . (Score 1) 357

I thought of something along very similar lines about a decade ago, and rejected the concept because of overriding safety concerns. Besides which, how do you transfer yourself and all your luggage in the short period of time allowed before the vehicles undock? Instead, I propose a system of modular cars that can travel on regular roads for local travel, and high-speed MagLev rail for longer travel. The vehicles are stationary when transferred from one mode to another, avoiding most all the safety problems. The same rail network can also be used for freight. Please, please, check out http://www.levicar.com/ for more details.

Comment Class Action (Score 2) 1040

Anyone in for a Class-Action lawsuit against S&P? The plaintiffs will be just about all US citizens, with certain obvious exceptions like guys who work for S&P, judges, and twelve randomly-chosen people to be the jury. We'll sue them for $14 trillion, or about $40,000 for each plaintiff. I could use an extra $40,000.

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