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Comment Syfy must die. (Score 1) 607

Syfy is irredeemably blackened by its association with WWE and made-for-TV movies that were so shitty that they made Roger Corman spin in his grave. I gave up cable TV when I moved out of my parents' attic. Syfy as a paid channel, even if cable moved to a la carte pricing, isn't reason enough to get cable again. For the good of science fiction and fantasy as art forms, Syfy must die.

Comment Re:yes but... (Score 2) 1251

Or it will be eventually filed under "unintended consequences" if it does pass and as a result ALL belief systems (even those the creationist/christians don't like) get to expound on their theories on how the universe came to be.

I'd say that the Greek origin myth is a hell of a lot more plausible than Genesis. According to some Greek myths, existence originated out of chaos.

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