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Comment Re:Can't have it both ways (Score 1) 265

I was very specific in my criticism, which was directed at Romney (and to a lesser extent Bush). Of course, you are either mindlessly in thrall to Romney to just too thick to notice before you go on a hysterical "class warfare" rant.

Here's something for you to ponder. Numerically speaking, the majority of Romney's base is people on various kinds of Govt. asisstance. Republicans don't have a chance without welfare Red states, people on SS, etc. So you will be sorely disappointed if he gets elected and you think that will mean the end of "forced charity". The only difference is that in addition to being forced to give to the poor, you will be forced to give even more to the rich.

Romney thinks that dealing with the poor, grasping rabble is your problem, since he basically thinks you are one of them.

Comment Re:What's the definition of "impaired"? (Score 1) 487

What's the definition of "impaired"? I have always had a terrible memory. In college, I would study the material when it was taught. When the tests came around, I had to basically re-learn the material from scratch. And re-learn it again for the final exam.

That depends. One definition is: inability to forget things that don't matter.

Comment Re:I know a simple solution: (Score 1) 487

"We employ people for industry. Welders, electricians, mechanics, etc. to build or repair mining machinery, among other things. Some work sites do mandatory drug testing."

I can understand it if you are operating heavy or otherwise dangerous machinery, or you're a bus driver or something. But other jobs? I mean, you have companies out there insisting on pre-employment testing for grocery store boxboys and people who wash and stock produce, or do laundry! And in the computer business? Forget it.

Its not just about job competence. Risk-averse employers just don't want any part of any illegal activity. They don't want to read their name in negative press or criminal complaints. They don't want to replace employees on short notice because they OD'd or were thrown in jail. They don't believe that your habit won't contribute to attendance or performance issues, or personality conflicts. They don't trust people who break the law for entertainment.

Comment Re:Sure so long as coders l2sysadmin (Score 1) 298

Since when wasn't it a programmer's job to effectively analyse the requirements for what they're writing?

It never was. Requirements analysis is not programming, any more than architecture is carpentry. It is a job, sometimes a profession, unto itself. Granted, like many things, it is often not valued and delegated properly.

If the bare minimum is that software is required for that system, then it should be written to meet that requirement. The sorry fact of the matter is that getting even this "obvious" level of requirement from many people is a non-trivial task. Usually because people only stop complaining about how underpaid they are for plying their rare and special skills to complain about how obvious everything they do should be to all the idiots they are surrounded by.

Comment Re:Sure so long as coders l2sysadmin (Score 1) 298

Then maybe I wouldn't spend an inordinate amount of time fighting with programs that can't understand how to run as a deprivileged user, that can't properly set up their own environment variables and so on.

We'll get right on that when everyone learns how to accurately analyse and communicate their requirements.

Comment Re:Sounds like a plan! (Score 2) 298

Don't you see? Knowing how to code will make you more efficient. So, if anything, the amount of, er, whatever it is that you people do, can be increased!

Yes, early adopters will be able to demand a higher salary for any additional skills that they bring to the table. That is, until we can update our job requirements to include these skills (5 years minimum).

Comment Re:You're looking at the keyboard anyway! (Score 2) 211

You don't need to be able to touch-type because you're looking at the keyboard anyway!

Which means you can not be tracking your input in real time, or observing whatever it is you are typing about, etc.

If looking at the keyboard while typing was desirable, touch typing would never have become the standard of competent keyboard input.

Comment Re:Retina Displays? (Score 1) 377


Hardware manufacturer: We have a new 15 inch display at 2880x1800, wanna buy it?
Consumer: Well, is it a Retina Display (TM)?
Hardware manufacturer: Well no, that's a brand name owned by Apple. But our display exceeds what they call "Retina Display (TM)" with a PPI of-
Consumer: Not a Retina Display (TM), clearly inferior. If it was better, it too would be called Retina Display (TM). Not interested.

Hardware manufacturer: Its like a "HD" version of that Apple thing that came out a couple years ago.
Consumer: Ooooooooooooooh! [Dumps contents of wallet/purse on counter]

Problem solved

Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 188

Operating system software is supposed to operate for the benefit of the owner of the computer/phone. Any software that operates for the benefit of third parties without the explicit consent of the owner is called malware.

Stop worrying and be thankful that your carrier and Apple are gracious enough to allow you to use their phone and OS.

Comment Re:The problem isn't the medium - it's the title (Score 2) 110

Not all weekly news magazines are doing horribly. The Economist and the New Yorker are both doing fairly well, for somewhat different reasons (New Yorker focuses on long-form journalism, The Economist on concise analytical journalism).

Also note that both the New Yorker and the Economist cater to wealthy people.

Comment Re:Unlike before, now you can turn it off (Score 1) 188

Don't use the iPhone then. It's not a hard choice. Better hardware, more variations and choices, as well as cheaper options available. Are you so concerned about your "fashion" image that you cannot go without an apple product in public?

I don't use the iPhone. At the same time, I don't think that people who do use it should be jerked around just because I disapprove of their choice of hardware or the reasoning behind that choice.

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