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Comment Re: As the song asks... (Score 1) 358

However, as another Canadian, I can tell you that we pay far, far less than Americans. The US spends 17.6% of their GDP on health-care, while most other first-world countries spend between 9-11%. Canada is at 11.4%, while Singapore gets some of the best results in the world with only 4.1%. So the US wastes at least 7% of their GDP due to an inefficient health-care system, since many other countries get better results with about 10%.

Comment Re:put a dent in some banking transaction processi (Score 1) 173

The reason no digital currency will ever be used to such an extent is that they are truly worthless. Just because something is rare doesn't mean it's valuable. Also, I've yet to see a digital currency that can scale with a growing economy in order to avoid deflation. That instantly makes hugely widespread adoption impossible, as if a currency starts growing in value, then people will just hoard it, its velocity will fall off a cliff, and it'll just lose the value it gained and then some.

Government-issued currencies have real inherent value because citizens of their respective countries need those currencies to pay taxes, or they'll go to jail. Considering most governments' budgets are at least 15-20% of GDP, with some over 50% (such as Denmark), that is a huge amount of demand for those currencies. In the US for example, every year the IRS takes in ~2 TRILLION dollars in taxes.

Comment Re:So the correct action is... (Score 1) 601

So if they're gonna kill the rhino either way, at least if its horn was cut off the poachers won't get any money. A proper cost-benefit analysis would be needed to see if tranqing and cutting the horns off rhinos is the best use of money to combat poachers, but long-term it should deter poachers, if most of the time walk away without a horn.

Comment Re:can someone explain? (Score 1) 737

Actually, fashion models parade in front of women. Men aren't (mostly) going to buy dresses, women are, so fashion models are the women considered most attractive by other women, not men. For example, on average men like larger boobs than most models have.
Of course, I also agree with your point.

Intel Streaming Media Service Faces An Uphill Battle for Bandwidth 82

Lucas123 writes "Intel this year plans to sell a set-top box and Internet-based streaming media service that will bundle TV channels for subscribers, but cable, satellite and ISPs are likely to use every tool at their disposal to stop another IP-based competitor, according to experts. They may already be pressuring content providers to charge Intel more or not sell to it. Another scenario could be that cable and ISP providers simply favor their own streaming services with pricing models, or limit bandwidth based on where customers get their streamed content. For example, Comcast could charge more for a third-party streaming service than for its own, or it could throttle bandwidth or place caps on it to limit how much content customer receives from streaming media services as it did with BitTorrent. Meanwhile, Verizon is challenging in a D.C. circuit court the FCC's Open Internet rules that are supposed to ensure there's a level playing field."

Comment Re:Wanna earn $200K+? Two words... (Score 2) 473

You have vast improvements in quality of life when you get into the 6 figures per year. Until you have a house maid, cleaning person, nanny/nannies if you have kids, gardener if you have a house, and cook, money can definitely improve your quality of life. You would not believe how much more free time you have when you have to do absolutely no work around the house. Also, I like to travel, and flying sardine-class just ruins the experience for me.

World's Smallest Dual-Core ARM Cortex-A9 Module? 42

DeviceGuru writes "Variscite has unveiled what it claims is the world's tiniest Cortex-A9 system-on-module, measuring 52 x 17mm. The Linux- and Android-compatible DART-4460 board is based on a 1.5GHz dual-core TI OMAP4460 SoC, is available with up to 1GB of DDR2 RAM and 8GB eMMC flash, and can run at 400MHz on just 44mA. The module provides interfaces for display (HDMI, RGB, DSI), wireless (Bluetooth, WiFi), audio, camera, USB, and more, and it consumes as little as 5mA in suspend and 44mA while running from a 3.7V battery at 400 MHz, according to Variscite. And in case you were wondering, the iconic Gumstix form-factor is 12 percent larger, at 58 x 17mm."

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