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Comment Re:Too much salt? (Score 1) 794

The world would be better off without any of these.

I disagree. I consider myself both a patriot and a xenophile, and I think it makes the world much more interesting when everyone has their own country, their own national home, tied with their own unique culture, customs, and language, preserving within boundaries what makes them different.

I don't believe that thinking you're country is the best is mutually exclusive with accepting others claiming the same thing. When I took Arabic, my professor frequently reminded us that his home of Tunisia was the best country on the planet. I'm as much of a patriotic American as you can get, but I thought that was cool. I like patriotism, anyone's patriotism.

Certainty, way too many people take it the wrong way, from ignorant xenophobic jingoist assholes to patronizing political correctness nutters, but I like things better with them. I like that there is a United States that I can proudly call my country, containing my way of life. I like that there is a Switzerland, a Jordan, a Peru, a Japan, a Cameroon, each with it's own rich history and ways and languages or dialects.

Arbitrary like race and sex? Sure, I guess nationality kinda is, immigrants aside. But I still think patriotism should be a positive aspect of human existence. Well, when people aren't being douchebags about it anyway, which, I must admit, is far too often.

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