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Comment Does this mean...? (Score 1) 320

In the style of "turn every movie into a game before it even comes out" we should get a shiny new Tron game (joysticks anyone? :-D) by this Christmas!
Sarcasm aside, a new Tron game would be wicked. *goes to play the old Tron again*

Comment In the end... (Score 1) 550

It's me. I choose who gets my info. If I want to stay anonymous, I can use cash instead of checks/credit/debit to avoid companies and banks getting my info, I can choose to not have an email, Facebook, Myspace, etc., and in the end, the only ones who know me are my school, work, and govt. who have my name, address, and SSN. In the end, I choose who gets my info for the most part.

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