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Comment Re:not "available for purchase anywhere" (Score 1) 195

Even though there are already a million people posting this, I'm posting too just so you are aware of how tiny a minority you are with your viewpoint.

I believe that if the rightsholder refuses to make a copyrighted work or patent available, anyone and everyone has the unquestionable moral right to pirate that work, and FUCK prevailing law.

Comment Re:Food pill (Score 1) 317

Why is everyone so short sighted about this? The food pill does not replace real food; it suplements it. "A well prepared meal in good company" is not always an option. Can you honestly say that you've never been in a situation where you were late for something or too busy and you ended up eating a less-than-healthy meal just because it was convenient? Wouldn't it have been better in that situation to be able to say "fuck it, one pill, 100% perfect nutrition for the day".

Comment Re:It's the server that's not (Score 1) 361

Do you carry large sums of paper money on you when you go walking around town? Do you have thousands of dollars stashed away in a shoebox under your bed?

I'd consider Bitcoins on a server to be roughly as secure as the money in my pocket as I walk around downtown, and Bitcoins in my personal posession about as secure as cash in a shoebox under my bed. So, I'd never keep more than $20-$60 in bitcoins on a server, and probably never more than $100-$200 worth in my total Bitcoin holdings.

Comment Re:Why would anyone ever want to run a Tor exit no (Score 1) 96

I think that's an overly optimistic appraisal of the situation. Laws are selectively enforced all the time. Mostly they'll leave people alone, but when election time rolls around I think judges and DAs all over the place will be more than happy to bust a few random exit node operators for trafficking in child pornography. Bonus: if you lead protests, or run for office against the incumbent DA, or start a business that competes with a business owned by a local judge's son, all they have to do is watch your exit node traffic until some unmentionables slip by and they've got you.

Comment Re:Torrenting (Score 1) 409

my criteria would be everything you said plus:
* Copyright term reduced to 14 years renewable once
* DMCA and all IP legislation passed after the DMCA completely repealed
* Related industries cease all lobbying activity and fire most of their legal staff

Until those 3 conditions are met my conscience just won't accept paying money into the movie industry.

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