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Comment ITunes LP in it's current form is a placeholder. (Score 1) 306

I have a feeling that, like 5th Generation iPod app downloads, this is just a small-scale test. Apple loves beta testing in the marketplace. When the Mighty Mouse came out, everyone just assumed it was arrogance that kept Apple from putting 2-physical buttons on it, but the actual reason was to perform a real-world test of multi-touch. When Apple added multi-finger gestures to the trackpads everyone called it a gimmick, but it was actually an unrecognized real-world debugging of future iPhone gestures. My take is that iTunes LP is a test of the format for the unnamed "iProd". When iProd 1,0 comes out I expect the LP format to have a few additions to the bundle, but also for current bundles to be backward compatible. This would be consistent with Apple's M.O. I also expect iLife '10 to introduce the format to the masses. If unofficial versions of iTLPs are made and traded, then that plays right into Apple's hand. If the Apple-designed bundle becomes standard, then that keeps any bundle with proprietary components from leveraging power over Apple's hardware designs. (cough, Adobe, cough, Microsoft, cough.)

Comment Mac users also use freeware. (Score 1) 283

For archiving, I just right-click and choose "Compress [Foldername]." For unarchiving The Unarchiver. My workflow is different from my years of WinZip, but only slightly.

For FTP/SFTP there's Cyberduck for free, but I paid for Transmit. I was a WS-FTP user for years and love the 2-pane view.

And as you said, TextWrangler for text editing.

Comment Touch !=Multi-touch. (Score 1) 371

Touch !=Multi-touch.

When the Slashdot crowd can't make the distinction, what chance does Joe Consumer?

The difference between a touchscreen and multitouch screen is what make the iPhone's (once-)unique method of implementing its OS features possible.

You may think that "touch is touch is touch, it's all the same" (Not YOU in particular, as I don't know you or what you think, but you the straw-man I'm railing against), but a swipe gesture with a finger is not the same as a swipe gesture with a stylus, no matter what your Slashdot reading self may think.

Because of the iPhone, the method of interacting with the feature-set of one's smartphone has changed on all phones.

Apple's total method has defined the rules of multi-touch Phone UI, and Apple defined having a multi-touch capable screen as what it is to BE a "touch screen phone".

If Joe Consumer hears "touch-screen", it better do what the iPhone's screen does.

Comment Macacca, Jose, and the Haji (Score 1) 437

I didn't know that [...] only Indians can be named Haji. Aren't you being racist by assuming that names are tied to race?

A) Because of the outsourcing of tech jobs to India, the "cheaper Indian tech worker" is a stereotype - especially in tech circles.

B) Haji is a racial epithet for all people with brown skin or of non-Christian belief. It is a blanket term for "the other" or "them", and is used by US military personnel in Iraq like "gook" was used in Vietnam, "Kraut" in Germany, and the way the "N word" is used in the United States by rednecks: As a way to dehumanize and demoralize.

I will assume you were ignorant of this second fact, but have a hard time believing you didn't know the first.

Manufacturing a fictional cheaper coder named Haji for the sake of discussion may not have been willfully bigoted, but to claim that your fictional Haji was anything other than a person with brown skin insults the intelligence of everyone reading this thread.

Of one thing you are correct: Nationalism and Racism are not (strictly speaking) the same thing. Xenophobia has many shades, but they all divide the world into "us" and "them".

I don't believe there was any malice in your choice of names. If only you said "If Bob next door can write a app and sell it for $1.99 that you want to write and sell for $29.99...", but you didn't. You used a stereotype and an epithet to create a "them" to compare someone to and got called out on it.

Man up and move on. Don't dig any deeper.

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