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Comment Re:Every week there's a new explanation of the hia (Score 4, Interesting) 465

Still useful... for what? that's the question.

If we're going to move to alternative energy, population control, costing in environmental damage as part of the economy, global justice, etc., climate models don't seem useful for that anymore. They are useful, but not useful enough for that application, still too wide an area of uncertainty. Nobody said the models had to be perfect, just fit for purpose.

Comment Re:Correction: (Score 1) 338

The USOS has been under attack by the Pubs since the 70s.
It used to be btaz supported, then in 1970 is was changed to break even.
In 1982 stamps stopped being a tax, and became a postal product.
Mean while unusually hire bars keep being put in place and the point to as a 'failure' by pubs.

This is classic for the pubs.
Cut it, give more responsibility, point to it as a failure, try to give the work to private corporations.
You see it over and over again.

The try it with SS. They keep lying that it's broke. It is not.Not even close, but that keep lying until every one believes them, then they will gut it and we will be screwed.
  Last year, the program ran a $32 billion surplus, adding to its $2.7 trillion trust fund. That’s not what I’d call “going broke.” But they raid it when ever they can and then blame it.

They have moved so far away from being fiscal conservative and social moderates to fiscally stupid and ultra conservative socially.

Comment Re:Correction: (Score 2) 338

Dems, as sloppy as they do it, try to build a society of individuals. Pubs has turned to trying to create a society of consumers.

You should take of your 'there all bad, no matter what' hat and really pay attention.
Can you name the last thing any of you representatives have voted on? which way they voted? Their records? have you ever talked to one?
If you are't paying attention to what they are actually doing, not just media sound bites, then you don't know squat, your opinion is worthless baseless tripe, and you should shut up and pay attention.

Comment Re:Correction: (Score 4, Informative) 338

Over the last 14 years, the Pubs have been bent on openly doing anything they can to hand everything over to larger corporation. It really start with Reagan, but this millennium they just blatantly lie, and when they get called out their media machine just spreads more lies until people with believe it or the next artificial pub 'controversy' comes up.

Don't talk about the dems as if it's balances. Both have issues, but the pubs have become far worse. The are basically extremist at this point.

You have bought into the the trap the pubs have created. 'Both do the same thing to the same degree therefor it doesn't matter.'

And don't even try to guess how I vote. OTOH, I actual watch CSPAN, read bills, and find the context for any statement a politician make that is reported in the media.
Sound bite manipulation needs to stop.

Comment Re: yeah (Score 3, Insightful) 338

I'm one of those stupid free market libertarians.
Whole history of corporate abuse without regulation and you ignore it.

"In my opinion, regulation is perhaps the biggest barrier to faster internet connectivity"
Your opinion is based on what facts? Every high speed internet service in every other country has as much or more regulation then the US.

Comment Pub wants to (Score 0, Flamebait) 338

make it so only corporation dictate what yo can do, news at 11.

Pubs have become more and more ant citizen every year. The citizens wont municipal broadband? FUCK EM!

"that taxpayer-funded projects are barriers to future infrastructure investment."
That's been shown to be false over and over again. Why do these people get away with a provable false statement.
We have seen, over and over again tax-payer funded program create jobs, create infrastructure, and in some cases create entire tangential industries.

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