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Comment Re:How DARE you propose NOT to allow this? (Score 1) 146

And? It's ANOTHER way to have children. Bonus, there children will be healthier to, and so.
Clearly this woman want to have a child with her genes. It's almost like she's some sort of a mammal

Just so you know, you are the one on the high horse. You might want to look up what that means.

Comment Re:Why is revenge still a role of justice? (Score 5, Interesting) 326

Actually it does.
W can look at the US's own history for this.
Through the 70s, prisons were corrective. they where nicer, people were treated humanly, and they had program so when the person got out, they had opportunities.
Recidivism rate were low.
Then Reagan era republicans started pushing hard for privatization of prisons.

Which lead to those company pushing for longer sentences and the BS 3 strike laws. They are also the reason for the myth of 'Advocate Judges'

Comment Re:"Corrections" (Score 5, Interesting) 326

You should stop. Just stop. Clearly you don't know anything about the topic at hand and you are making a fool of yourself.

Reforming them s always better. Even if they don't get out of prison, having them be a calm member is safer and healthier.
There are people in for life that have nothing to do with safety.

Why you think being in for life means they'll do anything for kicks is baffling. Maybe you're the type of person who attacks people for kicks?

What you are talking about is a tiny percentage of those currently being held in solitary.
If someone is always attacking people, they have mental issues and should be treated as such.

"In fact, often the threat of solitary is the ONLY thing that keeps some prisoners from doing this."

Fact? what fact? you're ass?

Comment Re:much ado about nothing (Score 2) 506

I will. There are a lot of good reasons to have an official language.
Costs, same expectations, safety, I could go on.
The french take it too far.
It's why I think that in order to get a license, or use some services, you should be able to communicate to some degree in English.

The US is spending many billions of dollar trying to make every in every language.

Just to be clear, this is about using some government service, and driving. If you want to put all your store signs in Klingon, for all I care. well... I would go to that store, but the point stands.

Comment Re:LED (Score 1) 921

"just stop pointing your camera at me. "
No. Stop dictating what harmless activity I can do in public.

" and wouldn't stop when asked."
So if I have a device and I am just showing it to someone you can force me to stop showing it to that person? Really?

How about a piece of art that makes me uncomfortable, would you have to put t ways becasue I don't like it?

Comment Re:Begun, the Class Wars Have... (Score 1) 921

AH yes. That same person was probably saying how the city sucked 15 years ago.*
I am really sick of people bitching about their city/town condition, and then when change happens to bring in money, lower crimes, etc... The then bitch that things are changing.

I think they are just people who don't know how to make plans so they feel left out. People who can't make plans are general lower educated and tend towards violence as a solution. Statistically, not absolutely.

*Yes, it's a strawman. I am using it this person as an example for an overall trend I have seen.

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