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Comment Re:Now there's a petition on whitehouse.gov... (Score 1) 309

President Richard Nixon resigned after wiretapping a handful of journalists,

  sparing the nation the ordeal of impeachment.
No, sparing himself prison.

We call on Obama to do the same.
If Obama had done anything impeachable, don't you think the pubs would have, you know, impeached him?

His administration vetted the NSA's surveillance of millions of Americans and seriously violated the Fourth Amendment.
Actually, no it didn't

He confiscated the personal records of reporters, thus violating the First Amendment,
No actually, it isn't.

and the IRS under his watch harassed political organizations opposed to his policies.

NO they didn't. As it turns out about 65% of the organizations the scrutinized were opposed. I suspect this is more do with the sudden influx of application I can't not presume to go into the thinking process of the people at the IRS who did this, but if I ran the places, and there was a sudden influx ogf ANY group I would look at those a little more closely.
There is no evidence that the office or the president was even aware of it.
You know, the president doesn't personally manage every group of people in the government, right?

Moreover, his administration has lied under oath to Congress.

In addition to violating Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution by invading Libya,
The president has limited authority to do this. This has been well established.

his administration engaged in torture and conducted a covert drone war.
He used a remote control plane to engage instead of a piloted planes. And there isn't a 'secret war.' Doing things covertly during a war is not the same as secret war.

Due to the severity of these crimes, we call for the immediate resignation of Barack Obama.
Due to the severity of your stupidity I call for you to immediately learn how to think, research, and to wipe the republicans cum off your face.

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