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Comment Re:permissions (Score 1) 328

So simple minded.
He is saying there are many situation where life involved more then two people, often wishing to be treated differently.

IF you first response to an example is to pick apart the example, it's likely you don't know what's going on.

"Walton leased the space mainly to preempt his competitor from expanding"
How is that moral?

Comment Re:permissions (Score 1) 328

"Sigh... boy do I tire of explaining apparently simple concepts.."
That is what we call irony.
Read this:
then this:
then read Kant.

Your example of morality it flat out wrong.

"A) it causes no harm"
irrelevant. It can cause no harm and not be moral, it can cause harm and be moral.

You seem to be in a tautology
I can show you example that are moral but violate the golden rule, but you refused to acknowledge them as moral becasue they aren't the golden rule.

Comment Re:permissions (Score 1) 328

"would you want some other nation and their government to invade your homeland and blow it 3/4 of the way to shit?"
that depends. From what?

I lie how you think people you disagree with are stupid and didn't think about that. They are well aware of the consequences.

Comment Re:permissions (Score 1) 328

"Does anyone want someone else to come into their home and level it?
First off, you raised it from invasion to 'level it'. stop changing the parameters.
Secondly: If we were invaded by another force, I would like out allies to come and help us, even if it mean fighting in our streets.

And buy avoiding the veggie question, you prove our point.

Comment Re:permissions (Score 1) 328

" treat every other person the way you want to be treated"
sigh. I like how you assume everyone want to be treated the same way.
The idea of morality was shot down over 100 years ago. See Kant, for starters

No, morality is a lot more complex.

Maybe you mean reciprocity?

Comment Re:SNOWDEN !! DOUBLE-AGENT ?? (Score 1) 328

So you argument breaks down to an Ad Hom?

you lose.

many of us can contain several thoughts. Such as:

1) The NSA was acting legally.
2) I don't like the framework that allows that to be legal.
3) I direct my anger to congress, the people actually responsible.
4) Snowden and Manning both suffer from over inflated belief that they are important.
See it's not one or the other.

"And how about that child sex trafficking by American contractors in Afghanistan? "
and how does the pertain to this argument?

"how about those double taps striking first responders, which we call terrorism when someone else does it?"
You really don't understand the situation at all. But you sit there rage filled with the ability to only think of one group and not be able to think any deeper.

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