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Comment Re:I can't wait for the hacks (Score 3, Insightful) 351

...carry around an engine, a gas tank, an alternator...

You know, I could be wrong of course... but I'm pretty sure it doesn't take the entire engine to power the lasers that run the engine.

Pretty sure your average household outlet could power all the lasers at once, or even just the car battery, if only for a second or two.

Comment Re:what is... (Score 1) 406

look at 64 bit processors, became useful...

64bit processors have a noticeable impact on things, mainly performance (good or bad), but IPv6 has no real impact to your average user...
"I have internet with IPv4, what advantages does IPv6 offer?"
"internet access"

There are advantages, but none that would really make Joe say "I want that".

Comment Re:Meh (Score 1) 296

Opera 11.1, Chrome 10, Safari 5, and IE8 all work fine... Firefox 4, and Aurora, both screw up... but in the case of a layout malfunction, they all have an "Inspect Element" (for Opera or Chrome, for IE it's Developer Tools, or View Source for Firefox/Safari) where you would be able to get the link from. Just a suggestion for the future.

Comment Re:Who are they trying to fool? (Score 1) 211

Where the presentation was made, it was pointless, or even a "lose".

But for the average web-goer, if they saw a chart like:
IE___________| Other__________
Native HTML5 | No Native HTML5

They go "ooh" the background in that box is green, the other is red... go with green, doesn't really matter if it's factual or not.

Comment Re:flash without flashblock is idiotic (Score 1) 436

Really?... that's when? I'm no fan of Apple, but I wouldn't blame bundling an OS with a computer to be the root cause, you might be able to argue that earlier Mac's being on a somewhat unpopular architecture "forced" you to use that OS... but really... buyer beware, buyer be 2% of the market, buyer have lots of other choices, almost all of which come bundled with an OS, some not pre-installed, but odds are "it came with it, may as well check it out" doesn't matter if it's installed already or not.

I'd say it was more an Eternal September type thing... it used to be far more common that if you were using a computer, you either knew how to use it, or were invested in figuring out how to use it. Now that everyone uses them, most people want it to "just work" at the click of a button, so developers are forced to implement automation to install things, enable/disable things, diagnose and repair itself, etc etc... for that to work effectively, it basically means it can't be disabled itself, since it will try and re-enable itself, it ends up being the normal/usual/default behavior of an OS, and subsequent software installed. Applications taking on their own life, the OS taking everything as a part of it's life... screw you, you luser, I want to live... and I want to phone my mother, and my siblings... stop using me, yer fucking up my schedule... I'm supposed to be defragging then updating the AV, scanning, then I gotta call my doctor and see if any more implants are ready, or need repairing... .. .

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