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Comment Re:Correction... (Score 5, Interesting) 290

Apple most certainly is a "bubble"... It's not going to burst though, its going to be a "slow" leak back into mediocrity. One of the reasons Apple is so involved in lawsuits is they see the writing on the wall. History repeats itself. (see the 80's and Apple vs PC's). Their "profits" are based off the insane prices they charge. They can charge that much because of the "perception" by the public that Apple products are that much better.

The gap between iphone and the others (android,windows) is MUCH smaller then 2 years ago. There's still a perception of a much larger gap then really exists and that is being propped up isheeple AND the wireless carriers. That is what is keeping Apple's dominance "a float" right now. Carriers are so desperate for the "iPhone" that they are eating the insane premium Apple charges themselves, making it seem as though the iphone is comparable. That is changing though. In a year or so the price of a iphone compared to a Android of the same quality is going to double/triple. Once "Consumers" start seeing they'll have to pay 500 for a iphone of 150 for a Android that works as well or better... Repeat the PC market, Apple will slip back into being a niche company...


Comment Re:Recourse (Score 0) 443

Huh? I don't understand how that proves that anything.

If TD was BOUGHT by Joynet in 2005 they would have acquired all of TD's Trademarks, company name etc... That has no bearing on TD no longer existing as a company. TD would be a brand name Joynet used to sell products at that point.

Disclaimer: My first post and this post are on valid IF the wiki is correct and Joynet purchased TD in 2005...

Comment Re:Recourse (Score 0) 443

According to the wiki for Joynet --"... In 2005, the company bought TextDrive, gaining an ASP platform." If he bought his lifetime contract from "TextDrive" he's S.O.L. The company ceased to exist in 2005 so they fulfilled the contract at that point.

Comment Re:Disgusting. (Score 1) 82

because this is ./ and we like bitching about random stuff... Of course, I'm pretty sure MS has been slammed for YEARS here for doing exactly whatthey want it to do...

To rehash/clarify...
MS bakes their IE browser into the the OS: [Slashdot opinion] this is the most evil thing ever and they are evil in gaining a "unfair" advantage.

MS doesn't bake skydrive into their OS instead using a app so all cloud storage apps are on equal footing:[Slashdot opinion] This is the most stupid idea ever, why wouldn't they bake it into the OS!

No I'm not a shill and I have no intention of ever using Skydrive OR Windows 8

Comment Re:hey ronald... (Score 1) 627

And absolutely, nasty, raw food on the floor, picked-up and put right on the grill. nothing is ever clean, the fridges hardly ever hold temp.

I did refrigeration work for 8 years. Doesn't matter, carry out or 5 star restaurant, 95% of the kitchens I was in, were filthy and those working could care less...

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