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Comment Re:Not a lot of difficulty? My ass. (Score 2) 190

I've seen some mindblowing graphics produced with photoshop.... I have yet to see anything comprable with the GIMP.

You know what? I have seen some mindblowing graphics done in image editor coming with Windows 3.11. Moreover, I have seen some mindblowing graphics produced without any help of Photoshop or computer at all. Actually, some of it is hanging on my walls right now.

Saying "tool X sucks because I have seen better graphics made with tool Y" is basically saying "guitar sucks because my brother plays good on violin". That's plain stupid argument.

When the GIMP (or comprable app) can use the photshop 5 keyboard shortcuts

Well, here is another stupid argument coming. Judging professional application by keyboard shortcut compatibility with other application. Is it trained monkey who is going to use it? So that once imprinted with some basic keyboard accords it cannot do anything else effectively? Oh my...

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