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Comment Does it really need to be packaged at all? (Score 5, Informative) 163

The Steam client auto-updates on Windows. I would imagine it would do the same on Linux. Now, I understand that Windows doesn't have a packaging system like Linux but I really don't see why Valve would need to use one. There are several pieces of software that I use that I get from a tar.gz over a rpm or a deb. Why wouldn't Steam do the same?

Comment Re:Meet the new boss (Score 2) 359

You can unlock all of the newer nexus devices with the "fastboot oem unlock" command. You can also easily add root access (not that I have ever encountered a time when I needed it). Factory images are provided at I've set up and built my own OS for my Nexus 7 in an evening. This weekend I easily installed the current test image for Ubuntu on it too. And when I was done I switched back to android by using the aforementioned factory image. The only issue I've had was waiting on updates for my Galaxy Nexus on Verizon and that was easily fixed by easily unlocking and flashing a new image built from the source that Google released. I don't see what your problem is.

Comment Re:Bullshit bullshit bullshit (Score 2) 630

I graduated in 2010 and had absolutely no problems getting a job. In fact, I started a semester before I officially graduated. What really helped me is that I had been working with some form of programming since I was in middle school. In high school I really started to focus on it, so that by the time I got to college I was far ahead of most of the other students. I continued to do work outside of what was assigned while others did not.

I believe a formal education is important but you really need to go beyond that to get a good job. Otherwise you do end up doing IT work because you haven't set yourself apart. So many of the students I knew in college chose their major by how much money they were told they would make. They didn't put in any effort and did the bare minimum required. Others did well but never thought about things outside of textbook examples. Employers use a degree as a filter and look for projects and effort outside of school. For a student, this type of work not only shows some initiative but it can count as a form of experience.

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