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Comment Re:Bullshit bullshit bullshit (Score 2) 630

I graduated in 2010 and had absolutely no problems getting a job. In fact, I started a semester before I officially graduated. What really helped me is that I had been working with some form of programming since I was in middle school. In high school I really started to focus on it, so that by the time I got to college I was far ahead of most of the other students. I continued to do work outside of what was assigned while others did not.

I believe a formal education is important but you really need to go beyond that to get a good job. Otherwise you do end up doing IT work because you haven't set yourself apart. So many of the students I knew in college chose their major by how much money they were told they would make. They didn't put in any effort and did the bare minimum required. Others did well but never thought about things outside of textbook examples. Employers use a degree as a filter and look for projects and effort outside of school. For a student, this type of work not only shows some initiative but it can count as a form of experience.

Comment Re:OMAP 4470 can't do shit (Score 2) 307

You're forgetting the SGX554, clock for clock it's twice as powerful as the GeForce ULP.

THIS. In mobile, the GPU tends to be a bit more important than raw CPU power. This is because we are doing a lot of pixel pushing to render the final UI. On something like the Tegra 2, the UI could be slow because the fill-rate on Tegra 2 was comparatively low. A SOC with a better GPU but worse CPU would feel much smoother when navigating the UI. It is not often that you are maxing out a core, let alone four of them.

Comment Re:Hmmm ... (Score 1) 194

That commercial was in fact for an Android phone, the Galaxy Nexus. It was showing off a feature that was added in version 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich). Allowing for multiple users seems like the next logical step, especially for devices that are more likely to be shared by families, such as tablets.

Comment Re:XKCD? (Score 0) 218

It's the most childish comic directed at a high school reading level I've ever found.

Pssh, I know. It hardly ever talks about Mondays.

Lots of people are PhDs or have excellent grades - this certainly applies to everyone in my team.

The question is how you select from within that group.

Certainly you wouldn't want them to "fit" into your existing team.

Comment Re:The tragedy was... (Score 1) 122

As long as you reduce latency and improve tracking you won't be as pukey. Unfortunately, there is only so much you can do in software since most of the delay comes from refreshing the screen and getting the actual tracking information. You can be running at a high of a frequency as you want and won't see any improvements if you still have to wait on the hardware to provide data and display content.

Comment Re:Carmack (Score 1) 122

It isn't the same project but there has been some back and forth between Carmack and the guy behind this device. Carmack has had some hands on time with earlier prototypes and they will be showing them off at QuakeCon but Carmack isn't focusing on a commercially viable VR solution as far as I know. Most of the stuff I have seen from him has been working to improve the technology by reducing latency as much as possible.

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