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Comment Re:Dumbasses (Score 1) 189

Listen, buddy. It is never going to be cured. It's bad. There's not a fucking thing we can do about it. So we may as well get a laugh out of it. Unless you have a magical solution that for some reason doesn't work in the presence of humor, howsabout you take the stick out of your ass, grab a beer, and relax a little? All your fuming isn't improving the situation either.

Also, some of the other comments make me think you don't know what you're talking about.

Comment Re:lots of channels are missing (Score 1) 263

One of the things I've learned about kids is that up until a certain age, let's say 5ish, they're perfectly content to watch the same thing over and over and over and over. Netflix, or better yet just a couple of well-chosen DVDs, is perfectly sufficient until they hit that age. And even afterwards, what's wrong with Netflix again? Do your kids really need a constant stream of content interspersed with advertisements? Just imagine just how much money you'd save if your kids didn't have the most expensive new toys beamed into their eyeballs every five minutes.

Comment Re:And that's how specs should be done (Score 1) 711

It's also not very demanding. 16GB of RAM is all of $90 these days. I have 16GB in my laptop just because why not? It bumped the cost hardly at all over 8GB.

On the other hand, I don't have 16GB of RAM because with 4GB of RAM I almost never hit swap space. Hell, my netbook has 2GB of RAM, and I still hit swap space very infrequently. (And I run KDE! No lightweight WM trickery here.)

I've been wondering for a while now what it is people do that they need so much RAM. And don't say gaming. I play loads of games on my 4GB box.

Comment Academia (Score 1) 559

One of the big reasons I've stuck around academia so far is that once you have tenure, you can study whatever you want and get paid for it. And until then, you're studying things that are generally harmless but might end up being genuinely useful. It's never too late to head back to school and grab a PhD.

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