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Comment Translation (Score 2) 163

When we contacted Silverman, he confirmed that the original statement has been taken somewhat out of context and provided additional clarification. 'AMD is a leader in x86 microprocessor design, and we remain committed to the x86 market. Our strategy is to buzzwords buzzwords buzzwords buzzwords buzzwords buzzwords.'

Comment Should have done this first (Score 1) 159

I think it's fairly obvious that Facebook's enormous success is at least in part because so many businesses have gotten on board. Even little mom and pop stores have "like us on Facebook" stickers everywhere. Which in turn makes people, even old people and such that aren't usually so tech-savvy, want to check out this Facebook thing. Which makes more businesses want to sign up, and we have a nice feedback loop going.

Yes, people need to be on + for its success, but Google has just taken too long to get the ball rolling. There was a brief surge of interest when all sorts of people were trying it out, but then everyone but tech people simply went back to Facebook where they can play games and get malware and be marketed at.

Comment Re:18-29 year olds are disrespectful (Score 1) 160

Fun fact! "Respect" is arbitrary.

Yeah, people not showing up for things is a dick move. But if anything, faking a phone call is actually a more respectful way to duck out of a conversation. Let's review the alternatives. 1) Wait around for the other person to wrap it up when you have better things to do. 2) Tell them to their face that you have better things to do. (Disclaimer: I have never faked a phone call, because I can't lie worth a crap. But I can understand why people would do it.)

When you start generalizing and blaming "young people" for things, you have finally lost all perspective but your own. Also, you can have your lawn back; I'm going to go do fun things somewhere else.

Comment Re:After losing the carts and the cost of each gam (Score 1) 425

It's not the immaturity of children that bothers me, but the immaturity of adults. Not having my broken toys replaced was how I learned to take care of them. If every broken toy is replaced, the child never matures. Children need to start learning, as soon as they're able, that their actions have consequences. Just because one does have the money to replace everything one's child breaks doesn't mean one should.

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